How Gratitude Can Increase Your Bottom Line in Your Business (Part 2)

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Welcome to Gratitude practice #2 in my 4 part series on how practicing gratitude can support you in increasing your profits in your business. It will also increase your happiness and satisfaction!

Lesson #2: Pay your bills with love and gratitude.

Money is energy and it loves to be in flow. If you want to receive more money and remain open to an abundant flow of cash and clients, then stay in the energy of gratitude. Remember that each time you pay a bill or send someone money, you are expanding the energetic flow of money. Imagine that when you pay your electric bill, it allows that company to pay their employees. Those employees buy groceries for their kids. When they pay for groceries, the people in those stores get paid, the farmers get paid and on and on. When you feel resentful for paying money out for services you have asked for, it stops the flow of gratitude. You can’t be open to receiving abundance when you are stuck in resentment or fear. Write those checks with love.

I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Does this make sense? Seem challenging or difficult? Can’t wait to get started? Remember that money loves attention and the more you love on it, the more it will stay in abundant flow in your life and business.


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