How Gratitude Can Increase Your Bottom Line in Your Business (Part 3)

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Welcome to Gratitude practice #3 in my 4-part series on how practicing gratitude can support you in increasing your profits in your business. Have you tried implementing the first two strategies? If you missed them, you can find the links for part one here and part two here.

Lesson #3: Say “thank you” often to your current clients.

How often do you let your current clients know that you appreciate them? Perhaps you send a thank you note or small gift at the beginning of your work together; write thank you on your invoices. Perhaps you don’t say anything. Whatever your current practice is, I invite you to consider how you could express deeper gratitude to your existing clients.

I have a year-long group coaching program and each time we gather as a group, I have a small gift for each woman there. Often the gifts are home made. Sometimes my daughter bakes for them, she makes an incredible s’mores bar that one of my clients loves! I make gratitude a frequent part of my connection with them; and I am so grateful that they have trusted me with their dreams and goals. I wouldn’t have a program without them. They are precious to me! What can you do differently to say thank you?

What is your favorite way of saying thank you to your clients? Share in the comments below!


Check back next week for Part 4!


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