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Myth #6: Mammograms Aren’t Accurate

Solis Mammography
By Solis Mammography

Amidst the many falsehoods around mammography, there is a myth which perpetuates the idea that mammography is unreliable or inaccurate.  Simple statistics prove this wrong.

Don’t let misconceptions around mammography keep you from getting the preventative screening you need to ensure breast health.  Get the peace of mind that comes from getting an all clear result, or if there is something that needs attention – find it as early as possible, so your treatment options are as easy as possible.

Solis Mammography
Celebrating 30 years in breast imaging, Solis Mammography is a specialized healthcare provider focused on delivering women an exceptional mammography experience. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Solis currently operates 39 centers across six major markets – North Texas; Houston, Texas; Phoenix,...Read More
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