The Struggle

Rachel Haugabook
By Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX

How did we forget that the struggle wasn’t real until we made it so?

How come we fail to notice one persons hardship is often another persons fairy-tale; so “the struggle” is only what we make it to be on an individual basis? With that being the case, struggling could also be described as simply living and fussing about it (and whoever liked a ‘complainer’.) Comparison is the thief of joy and we must learn to relax and trust that our own stories are always unfolding intentionally.

Our best interest is always kept by an energy that is greater than just ours alone, but we fret instead of celebrate the process. I’m not saying to give up accountability for what you want out of yourself or life. Of course not! You create your life as you live it. What I am suggesting is that it is not through our actions or our struggling that we find deliverance; but instead through our thoughts and our expectations of your experiences. So let’s talk about it.


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Rachel Haugabook
Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX
Rachel Haugabook is an ambitious, passionate, young woman from Waxahatchie, Texas. As the youngest of two, Rachel grew up heavily influenced by her mother, a teacher and artist, and father, an entrepreneur and business owner, who both taught her that...Read More
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