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Visnjic saw the total solar eclipse

Jenny Laven
By Jenny Laven |Philadelphia, PE

The famous American actor with Croatian origin Goran Visnjic saw the recent total solar eclipse here in the United States. He observed this spectacular event with his children, who made him company. The solar eclipse was visible almost everywhere in the US on August 21st. It was breathtakingly watched by millions of observers, and the famous Hollywood actor shared a photo on Instagram of his two children watching the eclipse. Unlike the US president Donald Trump, who stared at the total solar eclipse directly, without the use of special glasses, Visnjic’s family took all the necessary precautions and wore the glasses especially designed to block the sun’s lighting factor.

He even joked that their aluminum hats were left in the car. The true fans of Goran Visnjic liked his picture of his son Tin and his daughter Vivien, because of Tin’s cool t-shirt with the eclipse phases.

Previously, Goran and his son Tin visited the NASA Research Center at the Edwards Air Force Base, located at the border between Kern County and Los Angeles. He described the place as a desert where many aeronautical records were broken…publishing a picture of them on Instagram. He even paid a tribute to Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon.

Visnjic got back on the small screens this year with NBC’s hit series ‘Timeless’. There, he plays the big baddie known as Garcia Flynn, trying to change history as we know it. Flynn is not really described as the science nerd, but his knowledge of time-travel and the Mothership Time Machine makes him unpredictable and puts him ahead of the team of protagonists. Right now, we are expecting the production of the second season, scheduled for mid-November and expected to be released sometime in 2018. Hardcore fans of Goran Visnjic saved the show from cancelation, showing their support on the Twitter hashtag #SaveTimeless.

Jenny Laven
Jenny Laven |Philadelphia, PE
Jenny Laven (born July 15th, 1985 ) is an American journalist and blogger. For many years, was one of the most active journalists from Philadelphia, while pursuing justice for the American people and the American way. She started to learn about journalism from her father Dan. With fourteen years she quickly recognized her own talent for writing. She quickly progressed and became a leading journalist for the school paper. She has written about everything and everyone, once she focuses on that. Before joining the Philadelphia Tribune,, Ms. Laven has gained international experience related to protection of human rights, negotiation and investments, working on the special program "Gender Equality and Security Sector Reform" at DCAF, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Office of the Executive Secretary, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, In the sector "Gender Equality" and Citi Private Bank, Geneva, Switzerland, on" Philanthropic Consulting Services and Collective Social Responsibility ".

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