One, precious life. What will you do with it? How will you answer for its gift? 

People don’t regret the things they did at the end of life – they more regret what they did not do. What do you ache to do/be?

Covid stopped the world. It insisted on a respite from the usual chaos. A lot of people took stock of their lives and their relationships. Some of those connections ended, some renewed and deepened. As people lost loved ones and those they knew from work and their communities to COVID, many considered “what’s in a life” and began to dare to dream what was beyond it. What if? What if I could have the life I really want? What if I went for the gusto and just did it? 

What if I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for the promotion at work I know I deserve?

What if I asked my partner to give me the kind of love and attention I crave? What if I taught him/her how to do so?

What if I set more boundaries in my relationships with my kids so I got the respect I deserve?

What if I stopped putting everyone before myself, so I had more time and energy to pursue what I really want?

What if I honored my time at the gym to keep myself fit and healthy, like I honor the time requested of me by others?

What if I dedicated time and attention to discovering my purpose and aimed my life in its direction? 

What if?

I’ve pondered these questions for myself many times over the last year and beyond. Look for what’s opening in your life. Where is there a clearing for you to reach and invite something new into your life? Something you’ve been wanting for a long time, but dared not dream you could have it? 

Write it on note paper and stick it to your wall where you will see it every day. And then set your full intention to making it happen. You deserve this – never forget that. Be sure to surround yourself with supportive people who will not only cheer you on but also give you resources, ideas and inspiration to spur you on. Fortify yourself with good diet and exercise. Meditate or find time to connect with nature, as doing so centers you and drowns out the noise of the world. And stay true to the path. As you make your dreams come true, share them with the rest of us so we too can be inspired by your example. One, precious life.