California has just passed a bill removing all exemptions for vaccinations. While medical exemptions are still on the books, it will be much more difficult to receive a medical exemption. The child who had a vaccine injury may be exempt from receiving another dose of the same vaccine that caused the injury but they may be forced to get all the others. The sibling of a vaccine-injured child will not be allowed a medical exemption until they are actually damaged too.

Children will not be allowed inside public school in California unless they are fully vaccinated. This takes away the fundamental right to an education that is guaranteed to every American. For those who can afford to, they will home school their children while others will leave the state.

California joins Mississippi in removing all vaccine exemptions. Mississippi has never had religious or conscientious exemptions so they have the highest vaccine rate, but they also have the highest infant mortality in the country. Coincidence?

Parents of children with vaccine injuries are often referred to as “Anti-vax”. These same parents were fully “pro-vax” until their child was vaccine injured. The federal government has paid more than $3 billion dollars through VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) to families for these vaccine injuries. This number is thought to represent a small number of actual vaccine injuries because many parents do not realize there is a time limit on when they can file with VAERS. They are often so consumed with trying to help their child that the deadline for filing with VAERS passes before they realize they even had such an option.

Vaccines have a multitude of potential side effects, including seizures, brain inflammation, arthritis and death. They also have some pretty awful ingredients, aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde, to name a few. Aluminum and mercury are known neurotoxins and the FDA classifies formaldehyde as a cancer-causing agent. I am not sure under what theory anyone would think it is safe to inject these toxins into infants and children.

Many, including doctors, do not realize that drug companies face no liability for vaccine injuries. The federal government has given drug companies this protection. If something bad does happen from a vaccine, you cannot sue the manufacturer. I know of no other product that has this protection from liability yet, is often the cause of severe and life threatening problems.

Will Texas and other states follow in California’s footsteps? If this past year’s legislation is any indication, the answer is a resounding, “No!”. Representatives put forward 17 bills that would alter the rights of Texans to decide if they should vaccinate or not. Sixteen of the 17 bills were defeated and the 17th bill was weakened greatly. These defeats happened because of a few representatives who understand it should be a parent’s right to decide what is injected into their child and by a small group of determined parents who call themselves, Texans for Vaccine Choice.

You see, this is not really about vaccines. It is about personal rights. If the government can tell you that you must inject toxic substances into your child, where will it stop? What else will the government demand of you?

For those who think making vaccines mandatory is a good idea, who think the unvaccinated will put your vaccinated child at risk, think about this: If vaccines work so well, why would you be concerned? The fact is, vaccines don’t work so well. Ninety-two percent of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) is in the vaccinated, while 95% of mumps is in the vaccinated. Those who still get the flu after getting the flu vaccine are more likely to be hospitalized than those who did not get the vaccine.

For those who are concerned about the ones who cannot receive vaccines, understand that a newly vaccinated child is much more of a danger to that immuno-compromised child than an unvaccinated child will ever be. “Live” vaccines can shed allowing them to spread the infections to those most vulnerable. For that reason, cancer centers tell people to stay away if they are recently vaccinated.

Just because someone is not vaccinated, does not mean they are running around with an infection for which there is a vaccine. Several studies actually found that unvaccinated children are 5-12 times healthier than vaccinated kids.

Anyone over 50 years of age had all the childhood illnesses, Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps and German Measles. These were no big deal. We stayed home from school for a few days and then had lifetime immunity. Vaccines do not provide lifetime immunity. You may hear numbers of deaths from measles but these are not U.S. numbers. There have been no deaths from Measles in the U.S. in over 10 years. But there have been over 100 deaths from the Measles vaccine in the past 10 years.

Texans must be prepared for another attempt to take away our medical rights when the next legislative session occurs. Vaccines can cause death and disability. They can spread disease. Vaccine manufacturers hold no liability for any damages they might cause. Because of this, we must stand firm that Texans will always have a choice in what poisons they inject into themselves and their children.