Marriage itself is the most exciting part of a woman’s life. One can never forget those beautiful moments in their lifetime. In India marriages are respected and it is the most auspicious occasion in the lives of both the bride and the groom. If you are the bride to be and ready to face that astonishing moment, you also have to work out so much for your body and face. Every bride wish to look at her best on her wedding. Going for facial, make-ups, body shaping and much more is common nowadays. And along with the trend as everything changed, even the priorities women were giving about dressing got changed. In olden days sarees were the only attires seen in weddings. But now lehenga, gowns, salwar suits and much more have made their way because of their gorgeous looks.

When you are shopping for clothes for your wedding you will have to spend a lot of time only for choosing the best attire for your wedding day. And to let you know the most comfortable, affordable and glamorous attire you can choose for the day is Indian wedding salwar suits. All of them are made with one or the other traditional design works. Luxurious looking fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon and satin are stitched into wedding salwar suits. Designer salwar suits are totally way better compared to other salwar Kameez. All these things will lead to confusion in yourself about what to choose and what to wear for the wedding day.

This write up is to guide you on what are the most loved wedding salwar suits and how it will make a perfect match for you. You may feel to buy more than what is required after seeing the detailed information about each of the dresses mentioned below. Be choosy and go for the best in the best one,  try it beforehand and rock on your wedding day.

Designer salwar kameez

You might have already heard a lot of things  about them. They are currently in trend and no women will feel it is waste of spending so much time and money for the sake of designer salwar suits. Everyone got to know the worth of buying them. When you consider them for wedding, designer salwar suits are the best choice you ever make. They are specially designed for your body shape. All your imagination and likes can be seen on the dress with the help of the designer. They will come in the colours you love, designs you wished for and with a perfect shape and size. What else a woman seeks for. The only careful work you have to do is to choose the right designer, whether online or offline.

Wedding Anarkali salwar suits

Anarkali suits are the gorgeous version of gowns. It is even said to be Indian version of western gowns. But Anarkali suits have it’s own history. It originated in the Mughal period and faced so many ups and downs and constantly was in trend for many years. In current times, it bounced back to be the most preferred attire by all the women irrespective of religion and age. Now we can see western countries looking for Indian dresses because of the traditional design they carry and gorgeous appeal they give. Long floor length gown can be made using Georgette or netted layers to make your wedding suit lighter and design works like embroidery, thread works etc. suits well for the dress.

Embroidered and Zari worked salwar suits

For the most embellished event like wedding one must always choose the traditional Indian dress. For reception you may choose to wear lehenga or any other salwar suits which are more trendier. But for muhurtham traditional look is mostly demanded. Embroidery and Zari works are something which will  never make you feel enough. More the design works made on them, more the dress look glamorous. There are many types of embroidery works that are carried out by fashion experts like Karachi work, cutdana where beads are used and Zari work is done using golden threads to weave the border of a salwar suit or saree. A salwar kameez with these works look perfect for the most embellished event like wedding.

Punjabi Patiala salwar kameez styles

Just like Anarkali salwar suits Punjabi suits also carries a great history. Since many years people out there are practiced to wear a short kurta and dhoti kind of Patiala pants, with a sheer dupatta. Patiala salwar kameez is one of the serene salwar suits. It is the most comfortable attire in current times which is loved by every woman. The bulged pants give a lot of room around your legs keeping them free from clinging fabric and you can easily move around. Even Punjabi suits are made using various traditional design works like border work, thread work, pearl and bead works etc. to make it look much more perfect for wedding events. The best part of Patiala salwar suits is it’s dupatta. Only a rich looking dupatta can fetch you the most lovable looks on your wedding.

Indo-western salwar kameez styles

There are many salwar suits found in the online stores which look both like Indian and western at the same time. But you don’t have to feel amazed as it is the most commonly seen trend in current times of the fashion world. Many thanks to the trendy designers who work a lot to blend two distinct things and get the best output ever. Indo-western salwar kameez look perfect for reception evening. The pants may be Palazzo style, parallel pants or slim fit one, while the top or kameez can be a long one with the slit at the front or sides or the one which is up to the knees. There are many types of indo-western suits available to opt from. You must choose the best colour and design works to make it look much adorable.

Lehenga salwar kameez for weddings

It is shocking to even hear this name right! Lehenga salwar suits? Yes, as you are already thinking of two kind of dresses, a lehenga and a salwar suit, this dress is the combination of both of them. The kameez is a normal one like which comes with churidar salwar kameez and the style lies in the design of salwar. Salwar is the skirt of lehenga. It replaces pants here. The kameez is worn over the long skirt which is having borders and other design works at the bottom. You need not to wear a dupatta for this dress. But this looks wowey at the wedding venue with rich design works.

After going through the list it will be easier for you to select the best Indian wedding dresses online. You may get even more better results once you visit the store. But the mentioned styles are the must to try ones among many other styles.