“Ok God. I just want to lie here and enjoy my massage. Please? I really don’t want to speak today. Ok? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.” And with that I settled in to quietly enjoy my massage I’d spontaneously booked at the last minute. Only thing is, I forgot Who I was dealing with, and my purpose. Forgot God doesn’t need to check in or confer with me. He doesn’t bargain.

30 minutes or so into my massage, I felt it welling up within me. I couldn’t help but point out her seemingly innate talent and intuitive sense of touch. Amy, my massage therapist, mentioned when she was young, her grandma had spoken to her about her purpose in life. After 10 years in massage, she still knows this is what she’s meant to do.

Before I could help it I felt God touching my spirit & the next thing I know, I’m speaking what’s in my spirit to hers. As I spoke I heard her pause and say aloud “I can’t believe this is happening. You just don’t know how hard it was for me to come into work today. I am going through some tough health challenges right now and I so needed to hear this.”

I heard her catch her breath the more I felt God’s Spirit speaking life and encouragement into her spirit. I felt tears in my eyes at the beauty of this moment and the person before me, who I would’ve missed; and humbled that God still wanted to use me.

We prayed and hugged after. Having learned my lesson, I didn’t even question when God directed me to drop by a book on encouragement a bit later.

I had tried to deny the use of my gift, and God was like “That’s not how this works. See, I gave you this gift & I will call you to use it whenever & wherever I need you to. I brought you here today for this reason.”

God has given me the ability to see beyond the surface – especially to what lies beneath & within, and the ability to speak to what I see. I can’t fight it. So I humbly accept it and this call.

I wonder if you are fighting what lies within you? Just imagine. Every day there are people who are waiting to be blessed by the use of your talents and gifts: you answering your call – which is your PURPOSE.

Simply put your PURPOSE is the reason why you were created and are here on Earth. We ALL have a purpose – a special life mission that lies within us that we were created to fulfill. Meant to impact lives. Yes, that includes YOU.

Do you know why you are here? Next time I’ll share some ways to help you discover your WHY. Until then, use what you are naturally good at doing and allow God to use you to touch and inspire lives. We get so busy doing that we often forget to see those around us. I hope you’ll take a moment today to see. I’m looking forward to hearing what lies within you.

Live Inspired Today.

Anna Inspires (end of article) - Anna DeBose-Hankins