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Plaid Radio is a podcast available here or on iTunes and Google Play.  It is published twice a week in a 30 minute format.  Get insights from recruitment experts, career coaches, business owners and those making changes in our communities.

In each interview we ask about Mean Girl experiences and discuss our anti-bullying message of #NoMeanGirls.

Audio (Podcast)

How To Talk To Your Parents About Money with Emily Stroud

The psychology of talking to our parents about money is confusing because it’s one of those things they should have talked to us about.  As adult children we sometimes take on the role of the parent by advising our older parents in financial and health matters.  Emily Stroud  is on Plaid Radio shares her advice….

By Sarah Webb |

#MeToo – Breaking the Silence of Sexual Abuse

Eight years ago I turned fifty, left my marriage, sold my house in Texas, purged and packed my belongings in preparation for my move back to Orange County, California. It was then I ran across my 35-year-old college books. Perusing the titles raised a few smiles, and I simply couldn’t bring myself to place “Women…

By Silke Schwarzkopf |
Audio (Podcast)

Building Up An Emergency Fund With Clever Girl Finance

Bola Onada Sokunbi is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), money expert, business strategist and all-round finance junkie.   She runs Clever Girl Finance and today is going to share her story and a bit of wisdom about emergency fund. Web: Instagram:  @clevergirlfinance @clevergirlsknow Facebook: Twitter: @clevergirlCGF @clevergirlsknow

By Sarah Webb |
Home & Family

Can You Believe this Artist has Alzheimer’s?

Paul Bierbrier has been painting for decades, but he only recently had his first art show.  His story is unique–not because Paul is a senior citizen, but because Paul has dementia. When the associates at the Silverado Plano Memory Care Community first witnessed Paul’s natural talent, they were so inspired that they encouraged him to…

By Sarah Webb |


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Audio (Podcast)

Mommy Guilt – Merited versus UnMerited

Crystalee from The Mama Ladder International is back!  Today we are going to talk about Mommy Guilt.  And there’s no mommy guilt on this store bought Halloween costumes! We discuss: Can guilt be good?  Merited Guilt helps move us to something better for ourselves while unmertied is close to the comparison trap. No room for…

By Sarah Webb |
Audio (Podcast)

Building Your Own Home with America’s Homebuilder

Amy from D.R. Horton, America’s Homebuilder and the largest home builder in America, joins Plaid Radio to share her industry insights. We talk about the process of building a home, things to consider, budget ideas and of course I ask Amy what is her dream home element. If you have ever built a home, are…

By Sarah Webb |
Health & Wellness

The Inside Story: Major Depression

Julie Hersh had it all: a beautiful family, a loving husband, financial freedom – and depression so severe she nearly threw it all away.

By Mental Health Channel |
Video (Plaid TV)

Myth #6: Mammograms Aren’t Accurate

Amidst the many falsehoods around mammography, there is a myth which perpetuates the idea that mammography is unreliable or inaccurate.  Simple statistics prove this wrong. Don’t let misconceptions around mammography keep you from getting the preventative screening you need to ensure breast health.  Get the peace of mind that comes from getting an all clear…

By Solis Mammography |
Audio (Podcast)

Personalized Medicine: Your Health Impacts Your Happiness

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jaclyn is now in Florida. Jaclyn is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and thrives on educating and empowering her patients. During this episode of Plaid Radio we discuss Jaclyn’s philosophy on individualized medicine, diets and how when we take care of our bodies we are able to achieve so…

By Sarah Webb |