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Is your life crazy at times?  I know mine is!  Where does the time go?  The days seem to get shorter, and I know that months and years are somehow disappearing.  I remember my parents talking about how time was flying by, and frankly as I child, I thought they were nuts.  I understand now…

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Building Financial Muscles

Women are poised to have significant financial power as we grow in wealth, careers and influence in the market place.  Like a physical fitness goal, it takes time to build the right muscles, financial muscles. How are women gaining this power? Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the…

By Brandon Chase |
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The Power of Questions

Saturday is Tell the Truth Day and there is no better way to get to the truth than through the power of questions. I am a huge believer that the questions we ask ourselves and others throughout our lives inform our decisions, our priorities, and ultimately our outcomes. In fact, in one aspect of my business,…

By Kristin Kaufman |
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Women Are Calmer under Pressure: New Research

New research by Alex Krumer of the University of St. Gallen, as reported in the Harvard Business Review, finds that women respond better to pressure in competitive sports than men do. Krumer and his colleagues analyzed more than 8,200 games from high-stakes Grand Slam tennis matches. They chose to include only the first matches of…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |
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Coulda Been The Whiskey… Mighta Been The Gin…

Understanding human motivations — the things that drive us, the things that turn us upside down and around in circles, the things that cause us to run away as fast as we can — well, “It ain’t easy,” as my old uncle might’ve said. Sometimes, just when we think we “get” Who We Are and…

By Rebecca Liston |


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How To Build Confidence At Work

Confidence is something that is built, like a muscle, over time. There is an art to quiet confidence, and it is never prettier than when it is worn by a woman. You know her when you see her at a meeting in the office.  She is understated, yet powerful. Her silence is presence enough. She doesn’t…

By Elizabeth Lions |
Business Strategy Concept With Soccer Game Tactics
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Your Village Begins With Adding One Important Person

I want you to think about this…When I started my company in 2009, one of the first things I did was to understand what I didn’t know how to do. I loved people, I could sell, and I wanted to make a difference and always wanted to bring value.  All sounds great so far, right?…

By Judy Hoberman |
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7 Benefits to Team Mastermind

We have all heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.”  It’s been around forever and most likely because it’s true.  For example, let’s take a problem.  Two people working on the same problem are each going to come up with their own ideas on how to solve it.  Some of those ideas may…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
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What Does Your Team Look Like and How Do You Manage Your Team?

As we thought about this topic for Plaid for Women this month, there were many ideas about how to describe one’s team. In our world, we have a team of colleagues that we call our Centers of Influence, who “play and work” alongside us to support our mutual clients, who are business owners, health care…

By Marilyn Suey |