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older woman enjoying retirement being part of community band

Retirement does not magically happen at a certain age or when your investments hit a certain dollar amount.  Retirement becomes a lifestyle when your investments make as much money as you need, to live comfortably.  During our working years, our primary focus is on putting enough money away.  However, as we get older and closer…

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You Told Them WHAT?!?!

Entrepreneurs are a funny lot. We are oft-misunderstood by our well-intentioned friends. (“Does she even really work all day?!? I think she just plays on Facebook!”) Our mothers worry about us. (“Honestly, Maria, I just don’t know why she doesn’t want a nice job at the bank like her sister has. I mean, what about benefits? And…

By Rebecca Liston |
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Why Women Compete With One Another At Work (and how to stop it)

Research has shown us how the deep psychological roots of competitiveness between women. Noam Shpancer, in his article in Psychology Today article entitled, “Feminine Foes: New Science Explores Female Competition”, pointed out clearly the main reason why women compete and disparage each other. He stated when a woman moves into full competition stance, she executes…

By Elizabeth Lions |
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Is It Time To Change Your Mindset?

Have you ever really given much thought to your mindset? What is a mindset?  Well, the dictionary defines it as the established set of attitudes held by someone.  These attitudes are generally composed of experiences throughout our lives and how we were brought up.  As we age and have more experiences, our mindsets can be…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
Career & Money

Why Gender -and Race- Blind Hiring Does Not Work to Combat Bias

Two years ago, my niece, an engineer in her twenties with solid work experience, started a new job about which she was very excited. She was one of very few women in this engineering company, which was not unusual. When she returned from maternity leave about six months ago, after having her first child, she…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |


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woman deciding between piggy bank and credit card
Career & Money

Mindset for Money Matters

Does it take special talent or a mathematical orientation to take care of your Money Matters? For some of us, we like to take care of our Financial house and our Money Matters, and we have a regimen, a practice that we may do monthly, quarterly or annually to keep our Financial houses, tidy. And…

By Marilyn Suey |
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Career & Money

The Power Of A TEAM Culture

Over the past few years, I have been engaged with a few organizations and teams who are struggling to build good working environments. We have all heard the adage ‘team work makes the dream work’ and this most certainly is true. Most of us have been members of teams and organizations that were, in a word, dysfunctional. No one was…

By Kristin Kaufman |
Your Culture Is Your Brand sign in a conceptual image
Career & Money

“We Would Love To Have You Join Us” …Is This The Message You Are Sending?

As someone who has been the only woman in many of the industries I have been a part of, I often think back at why that was appealing to me. Sometimes I simply scratch my head and have no answer and other times I know it was more than the position or industry that brought…

By Judy Hoberman |
Junior Climber Girl hanging on holds on climbing wall of indoor gym
Career & Money

How Badly Do You Want It?

Today is National Reach As High As You Can Day.  One question remains, how badly do you want it? Our success always boils down to one truism: just how badly do we want it?  Our passions trump our fears. Always have, always will. Yet, why is it that so many of us who have giant…

By Kristin Kaufman |