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Our Intention Creates Our Reality. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

As we ring in the New Year it is always a great opportunity to reflect on our growth from the prior year. It’s a good time to review what we have experienced and how we have observed results from both the wonderful events and the sometimes grueling challenges. Growing pains happen to adults as well…

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Why Wait for the New Year?

Most of us go into the New Year with a renewed spirit and a fresh start. Leave the tough and tumble times of last year behind as January brings new optimism for better things to come. That is a wonderful feeling. A time to reinvent ourselves and take on new challenges, both personally and professionally….

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
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When You Are the Only Woman: New Research

Not long ago a new client, Isabelle, came to me to discuss feeling confused and lost about how to be a woman leader. She had most recently worked for a Global Health NGO as the only woman on the senior management team and had taken a strong stand for promoting a woman in the organization…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |
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Sharing Experiences with Your Kids

The weather has cooled, and the leaves have turned and started to fall, the holidays are upon us once again. This is the time of year that many of us think back on what we are so thankful for in our lives… friends, family, career, home, food on the table and so much more. It…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
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Pregnancy Discrimination and the Motherhood Pay Gap: We Need a #MomsToo Movement

We have heard a lot in recent months about sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace, thanks to the #MeToo movement. But one form of gender discrimination we don’t hear a lot about is the deeply ingrained antimotherhood bias that takes a heavy toll on women’s pay and careers. Antimotherhood bias includes bias and…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |

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Musings from The Path from One Journey-er to Another

Hey! You, there! Yes, YOU, the one with the backpack at your feet and the bottle of water in your hand. I see you! I see you there, fellow Journey-er, and I am delighted to be greeting you on the Path. Shall we Walk awhile together? I’d love to share with you a few of…

By Rebecca Liston |
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Experiences of “Mean Girls and Adult Bullying” …What Can we Do?

Over the past few decades, I have had the privilege of working alongside our educational system coaching (and teaching) leadership principles to the senior leaders in our educational institutions from New York City to the Rio Grande Valley. It has been an amazing experience that has tremendously enriched my life and fulfilled my professional career….

By Kristin Kaufman |
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Why Men Don’t Get Interrupted

There is now abundant research showing that women really do get interrupted more and men really do talk more in the workplace. In a previous article I summarized several studies reporting relevant research findings. A new, more personal report in the New York Times, written by Thomas Page McBee, a transgender man, provides a unique…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |
Tortoise and the Hare
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Automate & Autopilot: Build Wealth Systematically

Most people think building wealth is complex. You need to start your own business and make it big or be a super investor, Warren Buffet, genius. Both are myths and sometimes hold us back from taking simple steps to build wealth. Building wealth is boring and easy if you follow a simple plan. Pay Yourself…

By Brandon Chase |