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I was thinking about some of the things that have happened in my life, both the amazing and the not so fun times.  I started daydreaming about the woulda, coulda, shoulda ways the outcome might have been different and realized that things happen just as they are supposed to and that everything we do has…

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What Men Can Do to Stop Sexual Harassment

The recent explosion of sexual harassment accusations against high-profile men and the outpouring of painful sexual harassment experiences in #MeToo messages on Twitter from women (and some men) across the globe have, as reported by Nellie Bowles, shocked many men into reflecting on their own behavior. My own partner, a devoted feminist, began to question…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |
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Can We Truly Welcome Change In Our Lives?

I know that change is constant in our lives.  There is not a day that goes by that some form change happens to me, my loved ones or friends.   Do we get overloaded by the amount of changes in our lives?   I think yes. A friend opens up A member of my Toastmasters club had…

By Lauren Midgley |
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Giving the Gift of College to Your Grandchildren: Start Today…

As we start the New Year, one of the areas that parents will review, is how to send their children to college without going broke or working until age 75! We have seen ever escalating college tuition that far exceeds the recent cost of living increases and it should come as no surprise that a…

By Marilyn Suey |
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Why Fear Change: 7 Reasons People Fear Change

So, what is change?  Change is basically just something different than before.  Whether it is an action, an object, or something else.  It’s just something different.  So, why is it that so many fear it?  Have you ever really thought about it?  Is there really something to be afraid of?  Are we just making problems…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |


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Walking the Line Between “Scary” and “I’ve Got This”

“I wanted to be scared again…I want to feel unsure again.  That’s the only way I feel challenged.” – Connie Chung Have you ever known someone who is so stuck in their fears that they are missing out on life? Are you the type of person who can easily “see” someone’s else fear, but find that…

By Lauren Midgley |
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Your Money Matters in 2018: Taking Care of your Financial House Fearlessly

Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy, abundant and prosperous year! Let’s make a commitment this year to set our goals to continually improve our Financial House and take active steps to reach our goals and hopefully exceed them! Most of us usually start our year with goal setting for the key aspects…

By Marilyn Suey |
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What’s Holding You Back?

Recently I was a speaker at an amazing event.  The event was in conjunction with a fundraiser to bring awareness to two major challenges… cancers that affect women and domestic violence. As stories were being shared, I realized that any of these issues could have been enough to stop someone in their tracks and not…

By Judy Hoberman |
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The Four Key Words for 2018: Let It Be Enough

At the end of every year, I like to peer ahead in time and feel into what is to come. As I have said many times before: I am not a psychic. Or a seer. I cannot predict the fall of Rome or whether or not the fields will be overrun with locusts this summer….

By Rebecca Liston |