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Relationships are not just about people. Since my firm is in the “Money Matters” business, we focus our attention on our client’s relationships with their Money. If you were to give yourself a grade in your relationship with money how would you do? Is it an A, B, or something else? Many people have an…

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One Secret to Long and Positive Client Relationships

If you’ve spent any time at all “on my list” or following me on social media, you’ve likely come to understand just how much I love to write. Truly, the activity lights me up! And I often receive comments from clients and colleagues, and people I don’t even know, about how much they like what…

By Rebecca Liston |
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Number 1 Most Important Aspect in Business

What is the single most important aspect in business? The answer: Relationships are the single most important aspect in life and business. Period. The question is: how can we build authentic relationships which will stand the test of time, competition, and differing opinions, approaches, and beliefs? The concept of building a support system through collecting…

By Kristin Kaufman |
Portrait of a modern businesswoman
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Is it a Confidence Issue or an Environment Issue?

Elizabeth Lions’ has us think deeply about office perceptions and confidence and how to overcome the monster in our heads. She also discusses how what we say in a male dominated fields can sabotage your career unknowingly.   For more about Elizabeth’s philosophy and some inspiration, please visit

By Elizabeth Lions |
A woman wearing a headscarf and running clothes takes a jog through an urban environment. She is smiling.
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2019 – By The Numbers

As we enter the first month of 2019, this is the time when our ‘new year’s goals’ often fall by the wayside. It can be really hard to break bad habits and embrace newer, more constructive ones. A few of my friends and I are holding one another accountable… and we are finding keeping it…

By Kristin Kaufman |

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Our Intention Creates Our Reality. - Dr. Wayne Dyer
Career & Money

Setting Your Intentions for the New Year

As we ring in the New Year it is always a great opportunity to reflect on our growth from the prior year. It’s a good time to review what we have experienced and how we have observed results from both the wonderful events and the sometimes grueling challenges. Growing pains happen to adults as well…

By Marilyn Suey |
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Career & Money

Why Wait for the New Year?

Most of us go into the New Year with a renewed spirit and a fresh start. Leave the tough and tumble times of last year behind as January brings new optimism for better things to come. That is a wonderful feeling. A time to reinvent ourselves and take on new challenges, both personally and professionally….

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
Career & Money

When You Are the Only Woman: New Research

Not long ago a new client, Isabelle, came to me to discuss feeling confused and lost about how to be a woman leader. She had most recently worked for a Global Health NGO as the only woman on the senior management team and had taken a strong stand for promoting a woman in the organization…

By Dr. Anne Litwin |
Photo of mother working with daughter looking over her shoulder
Career & Money

Sharing Experiences with Your Kids

The weather has cooled, and the leaves have turned and started to fall, the holidays are upon us once again. This is the time of year that many of us think back on what we are so thankful for in our lives… friends, family, career, home, food on the table and so much more. It…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |