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Eleven year old biracial disabled boy in wheelchair holding hands with caregivers while on a walk outdoors

Financial planning for families with special needs children and those with different abilities does not always follow the traditional path of: raise child, save for college, pay for college, launch child to adulthood and retire.  Retirement plans for parents with children who are not able to live independently or require specialized care, may look very…

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Our Messy Authentic Self

In this season of constantly being told to love ourselves regardless of what others think and to radically embrace our own uniqueness, what happens if we don’t authentically like ourselves? Where do we put the pressure to be our own best friend when we aren’t even sure if another person genuinely cares about us and…

By Shannon Thomas LCSW-S |
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Pink Isn’t Just For Girls

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute! She’s got two little boys. No girls! What’s she doing writing for a women’s blog?” And… you’re right. I do have two sons, no little girls, but I believe conscientiously raising my boys to 1) be respectful of all persons regardless of gender and race and 2) embrace…

By Courtney Cooke |
Shot of a young woman using a mobile phone in a grocery store
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The Importance of Planning to Eat Well

I’ve been a dietitian for more than 25 years and I’ve coached thousands toward better eating. What I’ve found is that nearly everyone wants to eat healthier, but many stop short of their intentions because of lack of a plan. Last night, I did a grocery store tour at Albertsons for people with diabetes. One…

By Bridget Swinney, MS RD |
Dream Big - Set Goal - Take Action, handwriting on notebook cover, and a paper boat on an old table
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A Woman with a Plan

Often, I hear people say, they have no plan and they have a flying by the seat of their pants lifestyle. I like a little spontaneity and excitement, but it’s not a satisfying way to live. A plan fulfills a purpose. Without a plan or vision, we feel lost and overwhelmed. This reminds me of…

By Ami Evans |

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A senior woman walking down a corridor with the assistance of a walker. view from rear
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Caring Hands

Thankfully, the mind is there. The body? Not so much. The main vehicle of transportation is now a walker. The day has come to put our caring hands to work to design and thoughtfully plan for our ninety-three-year-old Mom’s move into assisted living. As daunting as this task seems, I know that with the proper design,…

By Deb Kreimborg |
mom helping daughter learn to shoot a basketball
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There are voices in our heads that follow us everywhere we go.  They are part of our every decision; they provide a platform of moral fiber that seeps into our souls.  They are the women that guided us when we were young. For me, the voices started when I first picked up a basketball and…

By Deb Kreimborg |
market with various greens and veggies
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Eat Your Greens– It’s National Fresh Spinach Day!

July has some fun national food days. There’s Ice Cream Day (7/15), Milk Chocolate Day (7/28) and of course Tequila Day (7/24). Though it might be fun to see how we could make tequila healthy, I thought the best approach would be to help you celebrate National Fresh Spinach Day-July 16th. First, Why Eat Spinach?…

By Bridget Swinney, MS RD |
The Odd Couple: Felix Unger and Oscar Madison
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Organization Is The Key: Try Being A Felix Unger Instead Of An Oscar Madison

Life would be so much easier for me and less stressful if I was a Felix Unger instead of an Oscar Madison like in the comedy, ‘The Odd Couple.’ I have spent countless hours looking for keys, purses and important papers. I always have the best of intentions. “I’ll put the keys here on the…

By Meg Henderson Wade |