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Lighthouses serve as guide posts at the edge of the ocean. They warn boats of dangerous waters and serve as traffic lights for the sea. Before the construction of modern lighthouses, the idea can be traced as far back as 283 AD when the Egyptians built the tallest lighthouse, at 900 feet, that guided ships…

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Grief Loss Travis
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Thoughts on Loss and Grief

I will always remember Sunday, July 20, 2003 as one of those days which felt right. Twilight was particularly beautiful that evening, the clouds reflecting the beautiful, brilliant fiery red of the setting sun. I now know why the intensity of the moment will always remain so immediate and powerful, searing my soul, preparing me…

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mean girls
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Squad: Mean Girls in School

I go to multiple schools with my job and over time I have noticed a couple of things about each level. Elementary students are eager to learn and happy to have visitors; Middle school students are full of energy and excitement that they are just not sure what to do with; students in High School…

Dementia Care
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Combating Dementia: Nexus Program at Silverado Memory Care

  Dementia is a scary disease.  None of us like to think about a loved one, or even ourselves, getting dementia in our later years in life. However, an estimated 47.5 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, so it is a definite reality that many of us will have to face. What is dementia? Dementia…

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new orleans business travel
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Business Travel: Expectation vs. Reality

Since my first child was born, I’ve had the opportunity to travel on business on two separate occasions. Both times I had grand expectations of how the trip would go. Think of all of the things I would accomplish, both personally and professionally! Uninterrupted sleep! Uninterrupted meals! All while doing what I do best in…

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Stepmom family
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5 Stepmom Truths

I’ll never forget the night of our first date, from the sweet smiles to the never-ending flirting. As the months passed, I became determined to carefully “blend” our two families together. I coordinated family movie nights, and spent countless hours trying to “win” the love and admiration of his two daughters. I even hosted Hanukkah…

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Sandra Garcia Immigration Hispanic Womens Network Fort Worth
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Settling in Fort Worth: Immigration to Texas

I was born Sandra Maria Garcia Rubio in Francisco y Javier Mina, Durango, Mexico. I walked across the international bridge with my mom and sister in 1978 at the tender age of seven while my father brought three of my brothers via the treacherous water of the Rio Grande. We settled in North Fort Worth….

an iridescent bee lands on an ereader
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What’s that Buzz? Bees on the move in June

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s honey bees. Yes, honey bees and native bees alike are on the move in June. Not only are they foraging for nectar and pollen, but if you are lucky you may actually catch the sight of a swarm of bees moving to a new home. Why would…

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parents have adult child sign contract for living at home
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Top 5 Things Parents with Adult Children at Home Should Not Do

Parenting an adult-child is a challenging life transition that can cause situations with a high intensity of emotions and relational conflict. Think about it – parenting really doesn’t change, the methods and ways of thinking stay pretty similar for about 15-16 years. Basically, you had the control as a parent. But no one really prepares…

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