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Do you need a motivational speaker who has been addicted to crack cocaine and overcome her addiction and has been clean for over ten years? Talk about making a transition!!! I was always high on life and didn’t need drink or drugs.  I had been married to my Navy husband for 20 years and he…

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My son came home today, went immediately to his room and when asked what was wrong, began to cry. He’s in the 5th grade but is taking a pre-AP 6th grade math class and has recently been having some problems. Not with the math, but with the classroom policy of the teacher whereby she throws…

By Courtney Cooke |
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You can’t pick ‘em…

Many have heard the saying “you can’t pick your family” and it is generally in a context when someone has done something that someone doesn’t agree with.  I have said such sayings more times than I can possibly count. My immediate family consists of my mom, brother, sister, boyfriend, and two sons.  I come from…

By Tracy Meyer |
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Family is who we count on.  We all have our blood family and our people we choose as family.  I think that a winning combination of both types of family are the best for me. I believe that your birth order and how you interpret family helps to define your personality.  I was born the…

By Meg Henderson Wade |
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Lessons We Can Learn from Family

In a short 18 months, I have lost both my momma and my daddy. Our daddy passed first, tragically and unexpectedly, followed by our momma in March of this year. Gretchen, my sister, and I are now the only two in our family left. Orphans with memories. These past few years have undoubtedly been the…

By Kristin Kaufman |

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Family Dynamics and “What is Important Here?”

Why does the scent of a pine tree make me smile? Probably because it is my first memory as a small child as I was fascinated by the glow from our Christmas tree.  It was the start of many joyous family traditions. The wonderful memories created by traditions help to define us. But, the interesting…

By Deb Kreimborg |
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What Happened to Community

Growing up, I listened to stories my grandparents told of the great depression, the dust bowl and the history they lived as children. They fought in World War II and were young adults during the Civil Rights Movement. Life was hard. They fought for everything they had and worked to keep everything they earned. In…

By Carol Leeth |
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Taking care of yourself so you can help others is much easier said than done. Today’s woman has a to-do list a mile long.  We all are juggling work, family and friendships.  Whether you work inside or outside of the home, you are still very busy. Just waking up and feeling refreshed can be a…

By Meg Henderson Wade |
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Pesticides in Produce: Should You be Worried?

Eighteen years ago, we made a family decision to stop using chemicals on our lawn and around the house. Like most in suburbia, we had a lawn service and exterminator that came to the house regularly to spray pesticides. Why stop? I came upon troubling studies that pointed to the fact that pesticides were particularly…

By Bridget Swinney, MS RD |