Stress affects us every day!  I just realized that this article is due to the publisher soon!  So, I began—or tried to begin—to write an article for PlaidForWomen as I have done for the past three years.  I forgot that I have a new laptop and I don’t have my old reliable laptop.  I have…

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I Hope You Dance

Awe and wonder escape us as adults. We put the pedal to the metal, rush through the agenda, push to the last item on the list and never once stop to gaze at an ant. We neglect to nourish our curiosity and fill our margins to the point of edging out astonishment. Children, full of…

By Michele Gooch |
Great Women

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is the star of the ABC comedy series “Black-ish” and an influential voice in the modern conversation around equality, respect, beauty and feeling empowered in your skin. Tracee Ellis Ross, a global influencer with a cross-cultural and joyful point of view, is a co-founding signatory of the Time’s Up movement. In November…

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I try to build up my fellow women in order to build up my own foundation.  I like to live the golden rule by showing other women kindness and compassion.  Showing kindness to others really is a way to make your own world a kinder place. “Treat others as you would like to be treated”…

By Meg Henderson Wade |

Celebrating Wonderful Women Everywhere

There are women superstars everywhere.  Women break glass ceilings and empower others to follow suit. Plaid is in the forefront in giving every woman a voice. Even though we mistakenly believe some do not have one. Here are some remarkable women. Some you may know and others you certainly don’t .They are trail blazers nevertheless….

By Noor Saadeh |

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Take Back My Life Song

My name is Sarah. I’m a recovering workaholic. About five years ago I left the traditional workforce and started down my own path. I had worked in the Big 4 and then had a successful corporate finance career. I was miserable. I was unhealthy. I thought about committing myself to a 28 day program just…

By Sarah Webb |

Connect to your Courage

A couple of years ago I challenged myself to be more courageous and to do one thing each month that took me out of my comfort zone.  Something that required me to stretch into a place I hadn’t been before, learn something new, push past a fear or doubt, and take a chance.  It was…

By Natalie Mendez |

Eighteen Words

“Keep your feet on the ground.” Six words. Just six. That’s all that came to me when I quieted my mind before placing my fingers on the keyboard to write to you today. I started off with the question that I always ask before I begin to write: “What, exactly, do I need to share…

By Rebecca Liston |
Great Women

Shirley Chisholm – Purposeful

  Hi, I’m Shirley Chisholm, and I’m a PLAID woman because I lived PURPOSEFULLY. I showed my purposefulness in political work, fighting for educational opportunities and social justice, and you can show your purposefulness by focusing your passions into a life of purpose. To find out more about being a PLAID woman, visit

By Plaid TV |