“The Star”

By Deb Kreimborg |

“Star of Wonder, Star of Light, Guide us to thy Perfect Light” The scent of Christmas is in the air as we gather as a family.  The hot chocolate warms us and the music of the holiday season in the background lifts our spirits.  Finally, our evergreen tree is awash in white light as we…

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Activate Your War Cry: Inclusive Leadership

I had the pleasure of attending the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast in Irving, Texas a few years ago. Represented at the event were about 800 business women and men united together to celebrate the importance of diverse faith in technology and in the workplace. The keynote speaker, Onyeka Nchege, CIO of Interstate Batteries, spoke about…

By MiShonLandry |

In Memoriam: Lessons Learned From a Canadian Icon

In May of 2016, Canadians reeled with the news that our beloved singer, songwriter, and activist, Gord Downie, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Music lovers in their 40’s and 50’s had grown up alongside Gord and his bandmates, and we’d done a pretty fine job of passing our love of The Tragically Hip along…

By Rebecca Liston |

…And so on, and so on, and so on

When we think of traditions, we generally think of occasions or events that we continue from generation to generation. You may or may not realize that a tradition could be statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information from generation to generation, by word of mouth or by practice. My mind immediately envisions wedding dresses that are handed…

By Tracy Meyer |

Transitions: Summers in Jordan

Spending summers in Jordan probably doesn’t sound like a vacation to most. After all, isn’t the Middle East a hotbed of unrest and turbulence?  Not so Jordan. Although it’s surrounded in every direction by conflict (troublesome neighbors!) – Iraq to the East, Syria to the North, and Palestine/Israel on the Western border – Jordan is…

By Noor Saadeh |

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Lessons from Dory™

As most of us already know, Dory is the wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss about every 10 seconds or so. At times, when I’m going about my day, I sort of feel like Dory… thinking to myself, what was I about to do next?  I realize however, this is more an…

By MiShonLandry |

In a Person’s Transitions….We Become Great

Over the past few years, I’ve lost several individuals who were integral to my life. One I wrote about in my first book, ‘Is This Seat Taken?® Random Encounters that Change your Life‘ . Barbie Bienvenu, whom I called Sara in my first book, was an amazing human being who touched everyone with whom she came in contact….

By Kristin Kaufman |

I Hope You Dance

When the music shifts from one tempo to another, the dance shifts with it. On the dance floor, you find your rhythm and pace, then the music changes. Next step: stumbling. Our lives are filled with ups and downs, rhythms and cycles, starts and stops. Each transition presents a new tempo. Each shift launches within…

By Michele Gooch |

What Family Means

We’re a family of 5.  Me, my husband, one daughter and two sons.  Family means we stick together.  There are good moments and bad moments.  Even through the bad moments, we support each other with lots of hugs and telling each other how much we are loved.  My family has seen me through all my…

By Shankari Paradee |