Alone in the midst of impenetrable fog we are stymied by the situation that lays at our feet.  Do we take a chance and walk through the fog to the other side or do we turn around and go back into the mist as fear takes over? Many times in my life I have stood…

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I have been self-isolating for over a month now and some days are harder than others.  I have been working from home for quite awhile so I am used to self-isolating.  However, my fun times, such as movies and shopping, have been curtailed. I have always been able to entertain myself and that is no…

By Meg Henderson Wade |

Qur’an in Times of Stress and Panic

Contrary to what is promoted by the media and politicians, the Qur’an along with advice of Prophet Muhammad is a treasure trove of sound and calming advice in times of crisis. Most startling of all is a verse about the simple household fly: O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those…

By Noor Saadeh |

Be The Change

As I looked for a song to share from Plaid this month, I was struck by the timeliness of this message. After watching the video, I wondered what my sign would look like if I made one. If I were to write down my one biggest passion and desire for this world, what would it…

By Carol Leeth |


2020 Started Out With Such Hope and a Year of Abundance. We started this year with the best of intentions, to take in each moment and reach for our bigger goals and intentions. Now, speaking of STRESS, each of us is living in an era that no one could have imagined on January 1st. We…

By Marilyn Suey |

Invest in Yourself

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Great Women

Inspiring Women: You Are Beautiful

In one of the most famous Dove films, Real Beauty Sketches explores the gap between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. Each woman is the subject of two portraits drawn by FBI-trained forensic artist Gil Zamora: one based on her own description, and the other using a stranger’s observations. The results are…

By Plaid Radio |


I wrap my arms around my baby sister and softly whisper … “I am here.”  As we cling to one another, I have a sense of her falling, letting go of some of her emotional pain and stress. The last few hours have been a personal nightmare as my sister tries to understand what happened…

By Deb Kreimborg |


Stress affects us every day!  I just realized that this article is due to the publisher soon!  So, I began—or tried to begin—to write an article for PlaidForWomen as I have done for the past three years.  I forgot that I have a new laptop and I don’t have my old reliable laptop.  I have…

By Meg Henderson Wade |

I Hope You Dance

Awe and wonder escape us as adults. We put the pedal to the metal, rush through the agenda, push to the last item on the list and never once stop to gaze at an ant. We neglect to nourish our curiosity and fill our margins to the point of edging out astonishment. Children, full of…

By Michele Gooch |