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Learning Keeps You Sharp Poppa, my father’s father, was a 5’8” frail-framed giant of a man. With an insatiable desire for more knowledge, he was always reading. Poppa came to visit me (when I was 19) in my eight foot by twenty-eight foot trailer. I had one two-shelved book case about three feet wide —…

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Adams Story

The Adams Story: Young Girls with a Vision for a Better World

When I was a little girl in elementary school I loved playing dress-up and having tea parties with my friends. I also loved helping my mom and going with her to deliver food to people who were sick or in need. These “deliveries” made me feel good, and then I would run right back to…

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Aqua Ninja

Adventures of an Aqua Ninja: Misunderstandings of Islam

I usually write about my life as a Muslim woman in glowing terms.  And for the most part that is 100% true.  However, recently I’ve been asked to talk about the down side. It helps give a different perspective, especially to women audiences who are ultimately so very sensitive and compassionate. I hope it’s edifying…

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Women Leaders: Interview with Ginger Curtis

 Q) Let’s start at the beginning. Where were you born? Ginger Curtis) San Jose, California. We moved to Texas when I was two, but still spent our entire summers in California with my grandparents. Q) What was your childhood like growing up? GC) Very difficult. My parents were recruited into a ministry after high school…

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Eliminate your stress: symptoms and techniques to rid yourself of stress

Stress can affect us emotionally, physically, mentally and behaviorally. Becoming aware of the symptoms, and how to be proactive at reducing stress and handling it more effectively, is one of the best ways we can better help ourselves. The following symptoms are recognized in Web MD, as signs of stress: Emotional Symptoms of stress: Becoming easily…

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Invest in Yourself

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How Being a Big Mean Girl Derails the Workplace…

When a female leader climbs the corporate ladder, she carries experience and knowledge—and sometimes personal characteristics that can eventually ‘derail’ her future career dreams! At one time, these characteristics would have been considered strengths valued by the company, but now they are seen as weaknesses and barriers to her effective performance. For example, a highly-focused…

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King Queen Father

The King & I: For My Kind and Beautiful Father

The first face I saw when I arrived to this kingdom was my father’s. Deliverance was the first gift he offered me out of a lifetime of countless gifts he would bestow. He often tells me stories of how he spent my first hours of life advising me on what all I would become and…

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You are Enough: Believing in your own Worth

I walked into the bathroom and gasped—my words were written in my eight year old daughter’s handwriting. “I AM good enough” was written in a black marker on a hot pink mirror. The words stopped me dead in my tracks and tears instantly flooded my eyes. Oh, no, my sweet child, has the idea that…

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Parking in Prague: Lessons in Managing Trip Planning Stress

Family Trip to Prague Last spring, we took our family to Prague to visit our son, who was an exchange student in Slovakia. I had traveled to Europe before, even lived there two separate times, but I had never taken my kids, rented a car, or had to find accommodations. The trip itself was a…

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