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As the CEO of the Center for Transforming Lives, Carol Klocek has been leading the crusade to help women with children escape poverty and homelessness since 2009.  During these years, the social service agency, has expanded to serve thousands more impoverished women and children, and the operating budget has grown to more than $9 million…

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Little girl in a yellow skirt is walking in a field full with wild flowers

Finding The Authentic Me

My journey to “find myself” was a long winding road with many pot holes along the way; I assume the same could be said for most of us. Finding the “Authentic Me” would not be easy but if I couldn’t accomplish it – life would not be as rich. On my journey, I would learn…

By Tricia Medrano Bridges |
Multi ethnic group of young women exercise outdoor, next to the river. They are wearing sport clothing.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

I guess I can’t get more authentic than this hijab of mine. Well I could. Now there are online tutorials galore on how to style a scarf according to the latest fashion. And I thought I was getting away from all that nonsense! Hijab might be perceived as a uniform. Much like Christian nuns, hijabis…

By Noor Saadeh |

Educate a Girl – Be Part of Her Tomorrow

Imagine attending school this way – outside – for the entire school year, including the bitterly cold months of winter.  What child is so committed to education that s/he would endure this?  Sadly, that is the plight of girls in rural Badakshan Province in Afghanistan.  There, a school for boys was built nearly a century…

By Beverly Hill |

Who You Are With Your Shoes Off…

Professional coaches are often asked by their clients to help them discover ‘who they really are’ and to help them express their authentic selves. Sometimes we get so caught up in the roles and responsibilities of Life and Work and others’ expectations of us—we forget who we are from the ‘inside out.’ If you feel…

By Jude Olson |

Invest in Yourself

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Little girls scouts sit under a flag

The Scout Motto: BE PREPARED

It’s funny.  I never graduated further than the Brownies, but that Scout motto seemed to make an impression. I often wonder, do some of us just lead a charmed life or there is something to be said for planning ahead? Planning is one of those areas where we have to work to achieve balance. My…

By Noor Saadeh |
Female Designer Working With 3D Printer In Design Studio

Life Designing

Watching designers bring life to a blank canvas is intriguing. Colors, shapes, and textures roll around in their mind even when they are non-existent in the physical space. Designers are working toward a desired outcome with no clear path in sight — no step one, step two, step three. Their technique — try stuff.  If…

By Michele Gooch |
photo from above looking at a desk with

Work Your Plan and Plan Your Work

I do believe in working your plan and planning your work. That being said, I am also a big believer in spontaneity. When you get an inspiration, you should act on it! You do need a plan, an outline, to navigate your life and work and keep you on a positive path. However, that path…

By Meg Henderson Wade |
Cute little girl enjoys planting new flowers and vegetable plants.

God’s Plan Isn’t Just A Popular Drake Song

I grew up regularly hearing the expression: If you want to make God laugh, make plans. I think that’s the tongue-in-cheek way of saying, some things are out of our control and a higher power really is in charge. Well, my take on it is that yes, there is a higher power, but He/She/The Universe wants…

By Karith Foster |