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Usually when people hear the word Diversity, the first thing they think of is race and gender, but Diversity is so much more than just these basic characteristics. Merriam Webster defines Diversity as: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or…

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Say What? The Lost Art Of Listening

Bryant McGill tells us “one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”  In our current high-tech world, we have several ways to communicate that eliminate listening.  Our world devotes less time to listening than any generation that has come before us.  Genuine listening is a skill…

By Michele Gooch |
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Open The Door To Diversity

“Scientists have confirmed what we have always suspected: interacting with people who are different from us alters the way we think about them. Researchers term this “intergroup contact,” and study after study has shown that sharing a positive experience reduces prejudice primarily by reducing anxiety and increasing empathy.” – The Art Bridge, Aramco World, March/April…

By Noor Saadeh |
Thirty-four Djiboutian women attended the women’s health seminar to learn about being healthy during pregnancy.

Why Help Women And Girls “Over There” When So Many At Home Need Our Help?

“America first!” The battle cry arose from the American heartland and echoed through the corridors of Washington DC. In April 2017, after just three months in office, the Trump administration announced that it would terminate all US funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the branch of the UN tasked with improving women’s reproductive…

By Beverly Hill |
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A Life Of Gratitude

When we were children, many of us associated the word “gratitude” with a having been gifted something to be grateful to receive. We were grateful for the birthday gifts and holiday gifts that friends and loved ones bestowed on us, and don’t forget that first shiny bike! And of course, our parents also taught us…

By Tricia Medrano Bridges |

Invest in Yourself

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Gratitude As An Attitude: Looking On The Bright Side For A More Peaceful, Happier World

Everyday stresses can wear down anybody’s positivity:  aggressive enraged drivers, financial insecurities, work pressures, horrific crimes and suffering in our neighborhoods and beyond, fear mongering, hate speech, divisive discourse on the airwaves… Ahh!  Stop!  Breathe… To alleviate the tensions beyond my control, I practice gratitude through daily reflections which have helped me develop a habit…

By Nagia E. Moharram |
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Be Grateful For Great Employees: Lead ‘Stay Conversations’

Research suggests that the best way a manager can show they care about their employees is to show interest in their career plans.  A practical strategy for managers is to conduct frequent, short ‘stay interviews’—conversations with questions that can help managers learn more about the people they manage to drive retention, engagement, productivity, and results!…

By Jude Olson |
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Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

A few years ago, a friend of mine became a certified life coach. After many conversations and coaxing I took the plunge and had a few very interesting sessions with my friend. She helped me with a huge job transition by using some techniques normally seen in project management. I can tell you that this…

By Judy Perez |
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Let’s Celebrate: Let’s Laugh Day

One of my favorite songs from Mary Poppins is, “I Love to Laugh.” When Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews), Uncle Albert (Ed Wynn), and Bert (Dick Van Dyke), begin to recreate all the different types of laughter, it gets hilarious. When they start to float up into the air, it makes you realize how freeing laughter…

By Courtney Cooke |