I often visit with my friends about the journey of womanhood. Where we’ve been, where we are and how we’ve arrived at some of the places in our lives.  A common denominator is the sting of overwhelm that most of us have felt, but usually don’t talk about. As women, we are challenged with the…

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When we were a children just hearing the words “its summertime” made us jump up and down with excitement. No school, no homework –and hello swimming pools, picnics and if we were lucky summer camp. Momma got out the ice cream maker and we shopped for watermelon, those were the days. Teachers needed a break…

By Tricia Medrano Bridges |
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In this age of mass communication it is easy to fall into a muted world of anagrams, symbols, emojis, and reinventing the English language.  With every tweet or text or email we are replacing the sound of a human voice. Is the Art of Conversation being silenced? The sound of someone’s voice is nice to…

By Deb Kreimborg |
Multi-ethnic group of smiling young people talking outdoors in the city

An Unlikely Path to Self-Development

We listen. We listen to obtain information from our co-workers, our neighbors, our newscasters, and our mothers. We listen to learn new concepts, new procedures, new skills and review old ones. We listen to enjoy Netflix, podcasts, music and YouTube. We listen to understand our spouses, business partners, customers, and our kid’s teachers. We listen….

By Michele Gooch |


“Happy talk, keep talking happy talk…” This month’s topic of communication brought this little Rogers and Hammerstein tune to mind. Talking, communication is how a lot of women understand the world. That’s true for me anyway.  This is perhaps one reason why communication breaks down between men and women. Sometimes a gal just has to…

By Noor Saadeh |

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?stanbul, Turkey - January 16, 2016: Paper cubes with Popular social media services icons, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and a Macbook Pro laptop computer on a wooden desk.


Are you beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by social media and electronic communication and information? If the answer is, “YES,” this post may be perfect for you. I want to preface this message by stating the obvious: social media and electronic information and communication are viable technological resources that have shaped our culture with…

By MiShonLandry |
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Changing Gears

Is it possible to change your career at different stages of life? Of course it is. Think of the young woman that set off for university with no idea in mind of what she wanted to do. She might have been you not so long ago. Maybe she wanted to please her parents, or follow…

By Noor Saadeh |
A resilient leaf cutter ant carrying a huge leaf in his mouth while zipping along the edge of a sidewalk in the Soberania National Forest in Panama. Shallow depth of depth with selective focus on ant and leaf. The speed that the ant was traveling, the limited field of depth and the extremely small size of the subject made this a very gratifying image to capture.

What Does It Mean to Be Resilient?

This past weekend I did a craft show.  You know, the kind of show where people sell their homemade, homegrown, handmade items to local shoppers looking to buy unique gifts for themselves and their loved ones.  People love them! I love doing them!  And at the same time, this one was a little different for…

By Shankari Paradee |
curiosity. Young Woman standing on the ladder looking with binocular and copy space for your text the Life destination and minimal idea concept.

The One Question We Should STOP Asking About Careers!

What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s it. The one question that I am sure I have asked and am sure I was asked as a child growing up. Sure there are some variations of it, what do you want to be or what do you want to do when you…

By Dena Jansen |