I never thought of myself as bold. I still don’t. But in retrospect, I see how passion and commitment can morph even the most reticent of us to boldly tackle our dreams and aspirations. I think a lot of women are quite bold. Reflect on your life and the steps you have taken and you…

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The Real Truth About Being Bold

The Real Truth about Being Bold Just after I had taken a new leadership role, a colleague confronted me about something I had written. She made an appointment to see me off campus and brought her husband with her. I was scared. What could possibly be this wrong? I’m pretty self-aware. Even though few people…

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Me in Ten Words or Less: An Introduction

I’m thrilled to be a member of Plaid for Women! I was introduced to Plaid for Women through my work with the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF). I’d attended one of TMWF’s Ladies Only Monthly Luncheons and their guest speaker was Shivaun Palmer, the founder of Plaid for Women. I was drawn to her positive…

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Women Leaders of Today: Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Slonim

Dr. Slonim. Give us a little personal background. Where were you born? I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I stayed until I went to college. Although I haven’t lived in Florida since then, I plan to spend a lot of time there when I retire. I visit my mom often. Do you have…

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Love is a Four Letter Word: Dog Lover

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras My take on this quote is…”Dogs for a whole life.” Today, I get the privilege of sharing my life with five fury family members. “Pre pack” life I was a single, working mom raising my son. Bo’s father was an…

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Invest in Yourself

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How to do Gratitude the Right Way

Three years ago, I came across several articles on the benefits of gratitude and decided that each morning I would write down a few things I was grateful for. I did it for a while and found it to be very unsatisfying. It felt very rote. I am grateful for my kids, my husband, my…

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Dont Hold Your Breath
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Don’t Hold Your Breath

There is a lot of pain being publicized in the world in recent years. There is a palpable aching in people originating from an external focus of control. It looks like there are “good guys” and “bad guys,” heroes and villains, but it’s all just worldly conditioning. The world often tries to make you think that…

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memory lane memory bank slow down


Blink and suddenly you begin to hear people talking about you in terms like, ‘She’s in the autumn of her life, she’s in her golden years, or the dreadful-evening of life’…who would ever want to go to sleep! Regardless how you describe me, I just keep asking, how did I get here? Wasn’t it just…

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Q: Debbie, let’s start at the beginning. Where were you born? A: I was born in Dallas, Texas. Q: What was your childhood like growing up? A: My parents worked in the retail industry and I was the only child in my household. I had a half-brother that lived with my grandmother. Q: Do you…

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