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Sonja Cedeno

Sonja Cedeno transitioned from the world of designing and building military grade defense products for the Department of Defense to K-12 Science education. Throughout her 10 career in defense contracting, she has collaborated...

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Michelle Crim, Contributor

Michelle is a proud native Texan and grew up in Arlington, Texas.  Her 20-year career in fundraising and nonprofit management includes roles in both higher education, healthcare philanthropy, and social service organizations....

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Lindsey Crumby, Contributor

Lindsey is an educator by trade with over a decade of experience in the secondary classroom, most currently the wider classroom of the school library. Offering safe space to learn and discover for her students and staff is the...

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MiShon Landry, Contributor

MiShon Landry, CDP is a Certified Diversity Professional and owner of Culture Consultants located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Culture Consultants is a strategic Consulting Firm designed to bridge the ever-increasing gap...

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Johnetta Ivey, Contributor

Johnetta has an extensive background in technology, business development, customer service, quality assurance, and performance management. She has worked in the airline industry as a reservations, gate and ticket agent, for a...

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Jacquelyn Minor, Contributor

Dr. Jacquelyn Minor is no stranger to empowering women. Most of her work has focused on equipping young women with the skills and mindsets that allow them to become confident, dependable contributors to their neighborhoods,...

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Beverly Hill, Contributor

Before founding the Gendercide Awareness Project, Beverly Hill worked first as a college lecturer, teaching History and History of Science, and then as a studio artist, creating figurative bronzes and ceramic wall hangings....

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Natalie Mendez, Contributor

As a life and leadership coach, Natalie is focused on helping people build a life of joy. She is a firm believer that happiness and fulfillment lie within each of us and are just waiting to be set free. While her background in...

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