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“You cannot solve a problem using the same level of thinking that created that problem.”- Albert Einstein The pain that comes from trauma and abuse is so agonizing it’s no wonder that one seeks relief from it. Self-medicating with substance abuse is a common way to numb these excruciating feelings. When the emotional pain is…

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This very article is as good an example as any. Mind over situation is making a difference with small ordinary things like just getting this article done. Yes, people let you down. Yes, there are disappointments. Yes, it is quite lonely and difficult at the top. Still I set my mind in the determined direction…

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Mind Over Diet

As we head into “almost summer,” a season of changes, it’s a perfect time to talk about changing your mindset! Your mind might be saying, “Holy crap, it’s already shorts season!” Or you may be on a different dietary path. Maybe you just found out you have high cholesterol, diabetes, or even better, you’re pregnant!…

By Bridget Swinney, MS RD |
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Give Yourself a Mindset Makeover

Using mindset as a tool to keep you moving forward is a ninja trick of contented people. Your thoughts are a choice. Do you hold on to them and ruminate, or do you let them go without ever really hearing them? A healthy mindset operates somewhere in the middle. When you realize that your outlook…

By Karen Shopoff Rooff |
Disheveled drunk female with ruined make up in a nightclub. She is drunk or high on drugs. The people in the background are partying and dancing and motion blurred. The woman looks like an outcast and is self destructive by abusing drugs or alcohol.
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What Influences Substance Use Disorder In Our Culture?

Over five decades, substance use disorders have had strong relations to the culture of our music, lifestyle, and fashion, as well as attitudes and ideologies. 1960’s —The first documented and widely-spread drug culture came in the mid-1960’s with the psychedelic ideology and hippie culture. Cannabis, LSD and other psychedelic drugs have been associated with the…

By Rachel Graham |

Invest in Yourself

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The Oldest Athlete, Arriving at the Finish Line! Taken at the Women's Running Competition in Berne, Switzerland.
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Finishing Strong

How many races have you run in your life? Which one are you running right now? Some races require physical prowess, others more mental, emotional, or even spiritual endurance, as a test of the will. Races, by their very nature normally have only one winner, one person who takes the prize. But what about all…

By Cindy Carter |
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The Secret Of Volunteering: Giving Or Receiving??

In February, I wrote about the legacy of a man who had left his imprint on human history. In this article, I would like to introduce you to some other trend-setters, those who are changing history in their little corner of Texas. Anna Mae was born on June 23, 1918. That’s right, this is her…

By Cindy Carter |
Adri Kyser
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3 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Environment

Can your environment affect the way you feel, your outlook, and even your business? 3 Things you can do to enhance your environment to maximize productivity, positivity, and mood. Hi everybody! I’m Adri Kyser, founder and creator of Inner Beauty Wellness and Enlightened Alchemy, designed to help men and women improve their health, feel more…

By Adri Kyser |
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Gratitude And Addiction Recovery

“We will all have trauma in our lives at some point. It is how we process that trauma that counts” Gratitude changes our interaction with the world and promotes thoughts and behaviors that support the recovery of addiction.  The practice of gratitude is proven to help overcome trauma and improve mental resiliency even during hard…

By Rachel Graham |