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Budgeting is like dieting, you know you need to, it will make you healthier (and wealthier), but the process is not always fun when starting out.  If the diet is too strict it will fail, if it allows cheat days it will fail and if you are not committed to the end results it will…

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sports winners integrity
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Winners: Integrity, Goals, and Oneness

The notion of “the team” has long been used as an analogy for managers to encourage their employees. The list of articles, books, quotes, and philosophies that make comparisons related to sports and management is a long and valuable one. Sports celebrities routinely speak at business events and conference, bringing their expertise in the art…

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By Lisa Harrington |
gender pay equity gender gap
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How Men Can Help Close the Gender Equity Gap: Examples of Success

“Sisterhood is not enough; men must be involved in efforts to equalize workplace culture,” writes Peggy Klaus in the New York Times. Klaus goes on to quote Belinda Parmar, head of the tech consultancy Lady Geek, as saying, “gender equity is not a ‘women’s problem,’ it’s a society problem.” I could not agree more, and…

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By Dr. Anne Litwin |
ID Theft Online
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Online Banking: Keep Your Info Safe

Banking online is safe so long as you consistent practice a few key things to protect yourself. Maybe you don’t like wasting paper on bank statements or perhaps you like the self-satisfaction of checking your balances daily, whatever the reason, more and more users are opting to bank online in this increasing digitally-connected world.  As…

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By Sarah Webb |
Lauren Gustus Fort Worth Star Telegram
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Women Leaders Series: Q & A with Lauren Gustus

Q: Congratulations on your new position as Vice President and Executive Editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.   Have you determined what your top priorities will be in year one? Thank you. We’ve got to do more meaningful journalism and do it more often. About a month ago the Star-Telegram published a major effort on how…

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By Lauren Gustus |


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team building
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A Leader’s Most Important Team Building Tool

I won’t hold you in suspense. A leader’s most important team building tool is the lowly, much aligned meeting. “How can that be”, you ask? Meetings are the bane of your work-life existence. They are boring, unproductive and an overall waste of time. If only you didn’t have so many meetings you could get some…

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By Julie Chance |
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Retirement: Are you Saving Enough?

“Retirement: Do I have enough money?”  This often leads to more questions like, “How much is enough?” Retirement doesn’t have to be full of questions and dreams dashing away.  With a few simple measures, you can assess where you are today and how much you need to save. Where am I today? This can be…

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By Sarah Webb |
blackberry harvest campaign
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The Blackberry Harvest and Political Decisions

Today, we harvest blackberries. Today, we also decide to run for state-wide office. If you have had the pleasure, well then no explanation is required. But for those of you who have not, allow me to enlighten. Blackberry picking, like politics, is a delicate balance of patience, perseverance, and presence, with a pinch of providence….

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By Kimberly Olson |
Type A
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Why Type A Personalities Don’t Always Get Ahead At Work

You know the kind of person I’m talking about in the office. The one that is always talking, driving objectives and in your mind – know how to play office politics. Type A personalities are often described as: Assertive Ambitious Passionate High achievers Controlling High strung Perception Sensitive Do-ers While there is nothing wrong with…

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By Elizabeth Lions |