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Here’s the scenario…I spoke for a University and the Dean really loved what I said. She wanted to bring me back to speak about another topic. The challenge for me was that it was not a topic that I am an expert in…or even a partial subject matter expert…it was a topic that you would…

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Be Bold In Business
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Brilliant, Brave and Bold – Women in business!

For more than half my life now, I have worked in careers that have been extremely male dominated. My first company, an insurance agency, I started 20+ years ago when there were very few female agents. Even today, I am one of only two female principals in a nationwide consulting company. That is a trend…

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By Kimberly Sulfridge |
Women Investing
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What is your Personal Risk Level?

What is your Personal Risk Level? Investing, contributing to your 401(k) and building an emergency fund are all important.  The hard part is putting it away, but once it’s in the account you need to make sure the money is working just as hard as you are.  Evaluating your personal risk level will help you…

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By Sarah Webb |
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6 Steps To Spin You Life Back Into Control

Whether I am working with a leader in a large corporation or a small business owner the issue of too many priorities is a constant. Leaders and teams in organizations of all sizes feel like their lives are out of control – both personally and professionally. This sense of lacking control causes stress, energy drain…

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By Julie Chance |
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But What About Who you are NOT?

I have spent hours talking and writing and pondering the concept of how Who We Really Are impacts our business, and how the process of aligning THAT with each and every thing that we DO is what makes our success all the sweeter. But here’s something I haven’t talked about before, and really feel like…

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By Rebecca Liston |


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Follow My Lead. Six Tips on How to Change Industries Like a Pro

  There are plenty of good reasons to apply for a job you’re not fully qualified for, including the fact that the men around you are doing it. Remember Hewlett Packard’s internal study that showed that women applied for promotions when they met 100 percent of the qualifications while men applied when they met just…

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By Sherri Elliott-Yeary |
Saving for College
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Saving for College: Discussions with your Child

Saving for college is great in concept, but sometimes is falls to the last of the list as your children grow up.  First, they are babies and need everything new $.  Then they start activities like dance, karate and soccer $$.  Next up is a car, how did the time pass so fast? $$$  And,…

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By Sarah Webb |
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Recovering from a Setback: What I Learned Along the Way

My first real job out of college was in a credit card collections shop. It was pretty easy job in comparison to the previous ones I had. I began at the lowest level and worked my way up to a lead position. When I became pregnant with my son, I decided I needed a career…

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By Danón Carter |
Younger Boss
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How to Report to a Younger Boss

“I do not feel that my years of experience are valued or respected by my boss or coworkers,” wrote an employee on an employee satisfaction survey that I recently administered for a client. Most of the employees of this organization are very young, with only a few older workers below the executive level. This comment…

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By Dr. Anne Litwin |