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Authenticity: The Courage to be Yourself

Marilyn Suey
By Marilyn Suey |Danville, CA

Authenticity… the word just rolls off your tongue! But how do we put into practice this beautiful word that means genuineness, originality, rightfulness, legitimacy, and much more? How can we learn to be true to our own personality, spirit and inner character, when society can demand so much of us day-in and day-out?

Focusing on your true purpose/passion, being authentic is probably the best investment of time you can make in yourself. Please allow me to take one more step and let’s connect authenticity with “Your Money Matters” and let’s get down to business!  How can we become more authentic when dealing with our “Money Matters?”

At the Diamond Group Wealth Advisors, we believe deeply in the power of finding your passion and purpose in your life/lifestyle and making better Money Decisions, based on your inner values, which in this case is being authentic to who you are and the lifestyle you wish to live. It’s uniquely your journey that you are mapping out and finding your ideal path in life.

Now, this may seem rather obtuse, when most people talk about Money as a means to an end. We feel strongly that your Money needs to work harder for you rather than the other way around! How many of you feel that you only work to be paid for time spent? Can you imagine investing your time daily, weekly at a career/work that really engages you, your talents and you feel that you are sharing your unique gifts with your community, your tribe?

Focusing on your true purpose/passion, being authentic is probably the best investment of time you can make in yourself. Then choose your career, your business, and share those gifts and you will be compensated well.

How many decisions do we make around money that may be influenced by what other people think? Or how many decisions do we make that are influenced by society, social media and the like? In this age of 24/7 media, I would wager that many of us are unduly influenced by outside opinion(s).  We can be trapped into buying and spending more than we earn which can take away reaching financial independence.  Just think about this for a moment… hmmmm…

When you think about Authenticity, please include all areas of your life, including emotional, physical, spiritual, along with financial.  In our world, making small changes in your financial life based on your values may make a long lasting change in your Financial House.



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Marilyn Suey
Marilyn Suey |Danville, CA
Marilyn Suey, MBA, CFP®, AIF™, PPC™ Marilyn Suey is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker, and Wealth Manager.  She has a deep passion for supporting her clients who are business owners, entrepreneurs and health care professionals to build their...Read More
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