We all have days where we feel like it would have been best if we’d stayed in bed with the covers over our head. I know I’ve felt like that several times.

We don’t have control over the hand of cards life deals us, but we do have control over the way we react to them. Ultimately, that’s the only thing we have any control over. The best teaching tool we have to influence others is our character, and the way we deal with adversity in life is when our true character shows—we can choose to shine or sulk. For that reason I wanted to share with you a few insights and steps to overcome anything that life throws our way.

  1. Speak/think positively:

Words are more powerful than we realize. Negative and positive words have the power to create and destroy; they even have the ability to impact water. If you don’t believe me, spend just a minute watching this video by Dr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher who was able to capture this incredible phenomenon:


The power of words and thoughts is limitless; therefore, if you want to stay positive in negative circumstances the first step is to take your mouth and mind captive. Do not whine, do not complain, do not blame, and do not make excuses. Just do the best you can. Take the next right step and keep moving forward.

The point is, even in the tough times you can still choose your words—so speak positively.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine:

I remember going through a rough time one holiday season and happened to turn on Christmas Vacation. It was honestly the best thing I ever did! In this crazy world there is so much to lose sleep over these days… the economy, the political climate, the future, you name it. But laughter is truly something you can control that will help you see the bright side. So go put on a funny holiday movie, curl up with a bowl of popcorn and get ready to crack up.

And… if you haven’t seen the movie Elf this season, I highly recommend it!

  1. Make a plan:

What is causing you to feel low? Sometimes we feel down and let it affect our entire day without even realizing it. Try to find the root cause and create a plan to tackle that bad mood next time it rears its ugly head. Your plan may include taking deep breaths, calling a friend or relative, write a gratitude list of the top 5 things that come to your head, or even going out of your way to do something nice for someone.

I remember not that long ago I was having a horrible day and the person in the drive thru line in front of me at Whataburger bought my drink. It cheered me up so much that I paid it forward and bought the item for the person behind me. I was more thrilled with being able to help someone else than I was that my drink was free. And you know what’s funny about that? I remember the day, remember it being yucky, but for the life of me don’t remember why. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that I got a free drink and was able to put a smile on someone else’s face.

And, if that doesn’t work, go to Starbucks and ask the barrista for a hug.