The monster in our head that holds us back: Self-Doubt.

We doubt our outfit.

We doubt our coffee order.

We doubt the impact of our words.

We doubt our capacity.

We doubt our parenting.

We doubt ourselves at every turn. Self-doubt is exhausting and paralyzing. Here are six steps to help us quiet the doubt.

Acknowledge it is Part of the Human Experience.

Everyone experiences self-doubt. It’s purpose is to protect us — help us make wise decisions. Unfortunately, it’s been amplified to the point of no longer being helpful. Doubt is part of being human, let’s not get hung there.

Accept Doubts are NOT the Truth.

They are simply stories created from fear about our worth and our capacity. They are not the truth. Consider the opposite of the doubt — your outfit is perfect; your coffee order is the best; your words communicated beautifully; you are enough. This is the truth.

Recognize Self-Doubt is a Choice. 

This is the hardest step for me. I can lose days, weeks, months to self-doubt before I come to the realization that self-doubt is simply a choice. I can actually choose to believe in myself — it’s a choice.

Understand Comparison Fuels Self-doubt. 

When we are measuring ourselves against someone else, we throw fire on the flame of self-doubt. More self-doubt is not really what we were going for. Stop the comparisons.

Focus on the Why.

Our mission, purpose — the reason we are here — is bigger than the fear. Self-doubt opens the door to excuses which allows fear to call all the shots. When we redirect our focus back to our why, doubt dissipates.

Take Action 

Every time we take action in the presence of our doubt, we dilute the power of the self-doubt and amplify our confidence. When in self-doubt, do something anyway!

If you refused to doubt yourself, what would that make space for?