The sound of joy awakened me as I picked up the phone and started my day with a smile.  The conversation was almost giddy which maybe kinda weird since you do not associate this particular sound with someone my age.  You know, silver hair and all.

My heart is singing as the details spilled out in wondrous glory.  My senses are heightened as I take in every word.  Pure and simple, it is the sound of love.

Love passed on, cradled in the arms that surround and protect, touched by a feeling of amazing grace. The joy fills my soul and warms my heart.

A gentle sigh escapes as I breathe in this precious moment.  I close my eyes.  My fingers longing to softly caress this bundle cuddled in sleep, to feel the rosebud lips next to mine.  I can hear the squeal of other’s in unbridled elation, and oh, the scent, the amazing scent that gently embodies what is absolutely one of life’s greatest blessings… a baby to hold!

Happy Mother’s Day!!