It is truly amazing that this type of information is not making headlines all over the world! Think of the millions of lives that could be saved if only women were made aware of this simple supplement. The supplement that I am referring to is Vitamin D.

When conducting interviews, I am often asked the question, “If there is one supplement that would be at the top of your list to prevent and help heal Breast Cancer, what would that supplement be?”

Vitamin D is the answer.

Vitamin D has received more publicity thanks to the commitment of a beautiful woman called Carole Baggerly. Carole is the founder and director of an organization called GrassRoots Health, which is focused on increasing public awareness about the importance of Vitamin D.  Carole’s interest in Vitamin D began when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005 and underwent the typical traditional treatments that left her very sick, scared and scarred.

A few years after her treatments she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, which led her to research how Vitamin D could possibly help her. The research she came across was shocking. She discovered that higher levels of Vitamin D could drastically reduce the incidence and risk of Breast Cancer.  A fire was lit and she made it her mission to educate the world about the benefits of Vitamin D.

How does Vitamin D protect us from cancer?

Interestingly, Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, but it is a steroid hormone that, once activated, affects over 100 genes in our body.

Most tissues and cancers have specific receptors called VDR’s or Vitamin D Receptors. These receptors can activate or deactivate specific genes that will affect various functions such as calcium absorption, cell division and proliferation, as well as cancer growth or suppression. If there is insufficient Vitamin D, then an increase in the development of cancer cells may occur.

Here are a few amazing facts about Vitamin D:

Ultimately the best way to get your Vitamin D is through sunlight. Unfortunately, because of weather and living indoors, over 90% of the US population has sub-optimal levels. Your ideal levels should be between 80 – 100 ng/ml if you are on a healing journey. A simple blood test by your medical doctor or a home-based spot test can easily let you know what your levels are. Don’t guess when it comes to your health.

Supplement with a Vitamin D that is balanced with K1 and K2 so that there are no issues with calcium displacement.

Preventing or healing Breast Cancer can be simplified by adding nutrients like Vitamin D that can not only help you prevent cancer, but also help you increase your chances of survival.