He will always be the man that stood tall as a pilot, a husband and father, and a friend to many!! Today, he is slouched in a wheelchair, his head to the side, unable to stand or chat. He, by far, is the youngest patient in the facility. His wife was beside him whispering, touching his brow, and feeding him with a spoon. As I watched I noticed the soft rustle of her wings as her arms lovingly drew him close.

Each day she awakens, alone, drawing strength from the love in her heart as she goes to work, counseling children. Surrounded by others that provide the support she needs, she tackles the remnants of her life looking for blessings along the way. Her husband was in a nursing home with advanced Alzheimer and each day at dinnertime she visits filled with the memories that put a smile on her face.

For ten years, the disease has robbed her husband slowly of his dignity. But we all knew if given a chance, he would have been there for us, never faltering.

I am awash in knowing that this gift of loving bestowed on my heart allowed me to see, “this is the way angel’s give.” In the light of love, they teach us how to live and show us how to give by gracing us with their mercy in times of need.

At dinner that night, I took in every word she said. Her therapy was the journal of pages and pages of her written words towards the final goodbye. By the light of God, her spirit shines making me a believer; there is an Angel Among Us.