We’re all thinking about either starting to live a healthier lifestyle, begin a side hustle or some new endeavor simply because it’s a New Year.  You’re thinking to yourself – I’ve got the talent, skill, strength and commitment so I’m taking this first step in the journey to make my dreams come true. Lots of people have talent, skill, strength but what will make you different from the masses who are just like you? Endurance is the key to your success especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

My goal with this blog is to be respectful, useful and honest about the trials and successes in starting a business. As an entrepreneur my advice is based on my experiences, challenges, chaos, diversions, opportunities and successes so “let my hindsight be your foresight” and remember “endure to succeed”.

Frankly, I wasn’t committed to going back to work for a city or a corporation. I looked because it was the “right” thing to do. So after a few months of finding out who’s genuinely your support system and determining that I am committed to doing what my Mother told me, “You’re smart so work for yourself now.” Nearly 15 months ago, I began this  journey which has resulted in the creation, development and start-up of a web cloud marketing project while working on my side hustles to keep the lights on and keeping gas in the car, my commitment wasn’t challenged although I was frequently emotionally and physically pushed to the limit.

As a government or private industry employee, being organized and a team leader was relatively easy; which makes one believe that they’re agile, flexible, a fast learner, resilient and other great performance review or resume adjectives.  With established management goals, orientation, insurance, benefit programs, copiers, paper, office supplies, updated software and an I.T. Department only an email away to cure my cell phone and  computer issues; most employees can be agile, flexible and contribute to the team goal.

Ideally, as an entrepreneur the goals of your business and how you will achieve them are written down, planned, researched and forecasted and reviewed by a business mentor. In reality, not much of what was put onto paper has not come into fruition; change and more change is what I’ve experienced because starting a business is filled with chaos and opportunities.

The constant demand to adjust, revise, update and come up with something new after meeting with potential clients while maintaining simple daily tasks like paying for the phone and internet service, upgrading website services, developing and selecting logo fonts, shredding documents, tracking business receipts and mileage, replacing toner, scheduling meetings and completing general custodial work in my office area amid working on a few small projects that pay the bills until my entrepreneurial dream comes into fruition, my physical and mental endurance were besieged by anxiety and a sense of failure. Not the significance, but the novelty of being your own boss, making your own way in the world or other motivation will wear away; and when it does, tap into your life’s story by recalling countless instances of what you’ve individually and professionally endured.

To endure the emotional and physical drama of being an entrepreneur, there are a few key activities that I’ve employed. While the last thing you need is another daily task, please get some physical activity. I joined an intensive physical transformation camp that met for thirty minutes each morning. It provided me with a sense of accomplishment in lifting weights, running and doing various squats, planks, push-ups which resulted in greater personal confidence.  Our coaches taught my class that physical success in their class was more about your mindset not your body. “Set your mind right” was our mantra so I’m using it in my business.

Another daily task that has provided me with great outcomes is reading for 20 minutes in the morning. Don’t read your emails or texts! Read for fun or to expand your knowledge base. I enjoy reading about angels and dog psychology. This reading helps me endure and persevere through business and personal matters that I read in emails and texts – all day long. High profile public personalities suggest that meditation is a key element for them to withstand their lifestyle and frenzied schedules. This may be an option for you.  Mental endurance can fill you with hope so don’t neglect this portion of your well-being because you’ll need it. “Set your mind right” and “put your hope into action” are two vital entrepreneurial mantras.

I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t keep moving forward. Some have help and others don’t have much or any help at all but know that “you got this”. You’ve endured various forms of poor management, miserable work environments, unresponsive colleagues and all the other workplace nonsense that kept you wanting more.  Endure by envisioning past your fear, embarrassment, disappointment, anxiety and whatever else may arise internally or externally; but accept that you’re not alone. The daily stuff can become overwhelming because the struggle is real. It’s not a setback – it’s a learning experience; it’s not a mistake – it’s one way not to do it; you didn’t just try – you took action and that’s moving past the struggle – that’s enduring.

Finally, you’re handling ALL that’s required in starting and developing a business; because you’ve handled this stuff before except that it was for someone else. Entrepreneurs are pulled in many directions resulting in exhaustion and anxiety which trigger questions about risk – your life i.e., name, social status, ego, finances, friendships, etc.  Emotions will arise so persevere through those battles because your endurance equals success!  Set your mind right and put your hope into action using your talent, skill, strength and commitment; and endure to succeed through this exercise called entrepreneurship.

May your path be illuminated.