The greatest way to stand out in a crowd is to bring who you really are wherever you go.  It is by keeping it simple sexy in being comfortably and fashionably yourself that inspires others to embrace individuality.  The look of keeping it simple sexy defines women who can walk into a room and make an impression without uttering a single word initially. These women master the art of wearing confidence in career and interpersonal skills recognizing that every woman’s footsteps are linked to a unique destiny. There is a saying that “comparison is the thief of joy” and every member of PLAID for women should remember to never compare your version of success to someone else’s. One intuitive step further is in knowing comparison is what holds women back from joining together to make bigger and more impactful differences in business and world affairs.

The challenge for you now is keeping it simple sexy in embracing your signature look and voice.  Here’s three impactful ways to define your signature look with your impactful voice:

1) Define your most powerful I AM Statement- I AM Good Enough for……………….

2) Define the most powerful “Why statement” for your career passions- This Why will keep you moving despite uncertainty 

3) Determine your personal board of directors to consult for advice – This is the support system that helps you strengthen in your weaknesses

Overall, it’s time for keeping it simple sexy because you are good enough to be who you are in impactful ways.

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