MalissaMalissa is a midwest girl at heart transplanted in Dallas/Fort Worth for the past 20 years. She is active in doing her own work to become who she was created to be. Malissa is a Enneagram 2w1 who loves this current season of her life as an empty nester. She has raised three amazing young adults who are creating their own identities.
Malissa is the owner of FaithworX Counseling & Consulting services where her passion is to empower women to remove limiting beliefs in all areas of their life and uncover who they truly are so they can enjoy the fruits of just being and living on purpose. When Malissa is not teaching and equipping women, she loves to laugh and can be found reading all things metaphysics/brain related, working out with her E2M online community, taking long meditative walks, eating out, binging YouTube and spending quality time with her partner, children, friends, two fur babies and dreaming about the future!

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