Anger is a natural human emotion, though often judged as belonging to the out of control. It only becomes out of control when we refuse to listen to its words. So, I’m sending you an invitation to meet your anger and chat a bit. It has a lot to teach you. No doubt it has many unkind and hurtful things to spew- let it out. A healthy expression might be to write it out, shout it out when you’re all alone or punch it out onto your sofa. Most importantly do not censor what it has come to say.


When both you and the anger feel spent I’d like to you to search for what now lies exposed. What other feeling was hiding below the animosity? More often than not they are the emotions that create a sense of vulnerability, those that don’t roar with the magnitude of our dear friend anger. Feelings such as: loneliness, sadness, grief, hurt, abandoned, unappreciated and unloved. The feelings that make us cry and the ones society tells us are another sign of weakness. Often shielded by anger we find a broken heart.


It is in the process of personal growth that we must give voice to our anger and appreciation for what it has come to share but it is also a vital step to dig deeper, because the anger is only on the surface of that which seeks healing. When we don’t just skim the surface what we discover is the material rich with our needs, truth and voice. My last piece of advice, fear not any of this because the beauty that awaits- is you.


Be well and happy.