Looking back at 2014, Plaid For Women noticed the largest trending radio show and article was on the topic of confidence. Clearly, our members are telling us something, and we heard them.

For the first three months of 2015, I’m going to explore confidence, women and work with our readers, with the intention that by March they walk away with tips in terms of how to feel calm and poised.

Those that read my books or hear me speak at events know that I talk about the monkeys in their head and to never feed them, for they will grow until one day all that is left of your mind is a loud voice, in which you deeply identify with, that constantly tells you that you aren’t enough.

The mind is like a puppy jumping about, piddling on the floor, and basically out of control. Until it’s harnessed and one makes friend with their mind, they are a slave to circumstances, most of which started within the vain compounds of the mind, before it manifested in reality.

Think about that carefully. Things that you wanted – or worse – didn’t want all started in your mind. Nothing comes of nothing.

The confidence gap in women isn’t a feeling or a hunch. It’s real.

Here is how lack of confidence manifests:

  • Studies show that men initiate salary negotiations four times as often as women
  • When a woman asks for money, she asks for 30 percent less money than men

Shockingly, studies of men overestimate their abilities and performance while women underestimate both.

Sadly, my own personal data point can be found in my unique coaching practice where I coach women in leadership and career management. In 2013, my clients were 70% women which was a switch. For more than 10 years my clients had been men, not women. Not one woman came for the program that was offered. By the second session, these capable women confessed in hushed whispers that they feared something was ‘wrong with them‘ and really wanted my help to teach them confidence. Frankly, I was dumbfounded. Many were highly educated, accomplished and made over six figures. Yet there was doubt.

And if all this isn’t enough, this article is chock full of data around the confidence factor and how it plays out.

For New Years, the executives and I at Plaid For Women will focus on confidence in women.

It’s time to close the confidence gap once and for all.

We hope you’ll join us on Plaid For Women Radio for my show and the articles surrounding this important topic.

May you be bold enough to never feed the monkeys in your head again. Ever.