I know it’s hard to imagine that someone who talks and writes as much as I do could ever find themselves without words and yet, it happens all the time.

At least it does, now.

ran out of words inspirationI think for years I just talked a lot — to hear myself, perhaps, since I was the youngest in my family; to fill silence, perhaps, since silence meant I had to feel and trauma survivors often hide behind noise (much safer than feeling the horrors they are feeling); to make people feel comfortable, perhaps, since sometimes others aren’t that comfy with feeling, either.

For whatever the reason, I used words, a lot, and so it seems odd to me that often, words now fail me.

Words fail me when I sit and look at the vista before me — mountains, lake, stream, my children, anything of sheer beauty — and I wonder how to possibly describe that which I am seeing, that which I am feeling. No words could capture the joy, the vastness of perfection, the depth of love in my heart.

Words sometimes fail me when I sit to write my blog each week. What the heck could I possibly say that hasn’t been said a million times before?  Yes, the Gremlin of Self-Doubt can steal words right out of the ends of my fingertips.

day words fail me inspiration aweWords often fail me when I am in a session with a client, when I see their brilliance, and the future before them. How could words sum up the depth of emotion that is seeing someone in all their radiant glory, perched on the precipice of their next level of greatness? It is well-known that tears often fill my eyes in client sessions…and they know it is simply a sign that I am seeing All of Who They Are, and I am almost blinded by their light.

Words even fail me when I am talking with people I am meeting for the first time. How do I sum up, in 5 minutes or less, exactly Who I Am and How I Serve? How do I explain what makes me unique, why they should partner with me, interview me for their radio show, or any other myriad of things we might do together? How does one encapsulate in a few moments all of Why They Do What They Do, and HOW They Do It, in order that it may be understood? It’s tricky business!

Words also fail me when I am trying to express my gratitude and delight at having the best business partners in all the land. I mean, really, how does one capture the love one has for their “partners-in-crime?” Does me repeating, “How did I get so lucky?” under my breath, repeatedly, do it justice? LOL I am not so sure it does, but it’s the best I’ve got!

Words failed me this week when a client sent me a story of how our work together had impacted both her life and her work. Not. One. Word. Could I utter for at least 3 full minutes, I was so moved by her words.

words fail awe inspirationWhen I watch an athlete in their prime, hear a musician sing their heart out, peek at the artwork of someone with such talent that it touches my soul…these things, too, leave me without words.

I am quieter now. Comfortable in silence. At ease with my feelings.

And I try to be mindful of my words (although, I admit, I am far from perfect at this).

Being mindful of my words in conversation with others about my work lead me to a half-day Branding Intensive with Lisa Haggis 2 weeks ago, a fascinating experience that I still don’t have words for! (More to follow on this for sure!)

Being mindful of my words in my marketing has enabled me to deepen my connection and collaboration with copy writer Stella Orange, whose New Marketing approach makes me swell with joy and delight. I think it was high-time we stopped making weird promises in our marketing, and I was tired of the whole “6-Figure Secrets” shit. So sharing in Stella’s process and uncovering of a New Way of Marketing has made my life (and work) so much sweeter.

words fail ran out of words inspirationBeing mindful of my words with my children has meant that we actually say less, and feel more…and I don’t expect I have to explain any further just how amazing that has been.

And being mindful of my words when working with my partners has meant that I say “thank you” more than anything else, in all the ways that I can think of, just so they know without doubt how grateful I am to work with them.

Words are powerful, even when they fail us, perhaps even more so when they do.

So today I tip my hat to words: May we love them, and use them mindfully, and when they fail us, may we let them do so with Grace.