Have you ever expected a thank you that was never received?

Did you give something to someone and the next time you saw the person you barely received a hello or any greeting at all?

Did you donate to a nonprofit charity or cause only to receive no notice of receipt or impact that it may have had?

What the world needs now are more utterances of the words thank you.

Lately, in many conversations I have had with family, friends and associates it seems the desire to give remains but for some the list of to whom is getting smaller.

No it’s not exactly I give because I expect an equal gift back from someone immediately. It’s more an expression of gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve done no matter how big or small is a welcomed nice gesture.

What happened to expressing gratitude?

Is it a lost art or for some to be simply implied?

Here’s a few ways I have expressed gratitude to others and ways I have received thankful expressions of gratitude.

1. The Follow Up Thank You Message
Every time I meet with someone for assistance on something I follow up with a thank you e-mail or even a small gift card. The amount of the gift card is not as important as knowing specifically what the person likes and making your choice bring a smile to the persons face. No matter which you choose to do you will be surprised at the impact it has. I once sent a thank you e-mail to someone and thought it was not read or well received because of no response. The next time I saw the person it was expressed how well written and much appreciated it was. The exact comment I received was “I was very impressed with your follow up message.”

2. The Thank You Card
I once donated for the first time to a nonprofit charity on a big annual giving day. Less than two days later I received a thank you card in the mail. Not only was it impressive to receive a thank you card so fast but also it was hand signed by each staff member addressed to me personally. It described the impact of the donation and expressed great appreciation and gratitude for it. I will most likely donate to this charity again because I felt connected to its mission when I received notice of the impact of my donation.

3. Host a Thank A Thon
I have heard of organizations and groups hosting a “Thank A Thon” to call all sponsors, volunteers and guests to say thank you for donating their time, money or resources to help make an event or major fund-raising campaign a success. The more personable and relatable the phone calls can be in terms of storytelling the better received the thank you messages are. Remember people are empowered to give when knowing the impact it has.

4. Appreciation Dinners and Events
Whether you are a nonprofit charity, small business owner, major corporation or a person leading an effort showing appreciation to others is never in vain. Hosting appreciation dinners and events is a great way to reconnect with everyone who helps to make success of what you are working on a reality. Again, now matter how big or small the appreciation dinner or event is the thankful gesture matters the most.

I would like to take this time out to thank“Plaid for Women”for allowing me to share monthly with you all as a Content Expert. In addition, thank you to those who have read, commented or shared any of my content posts.

Now it’s time take action. Is there someone you need to follow up and reconnect with to say “Thank You”?

Remember a “Thank You” is never too much; it’s impact can make a world of heartfelt difference.


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