Whole Foods Market is a popular, well-respected grocery store for their values and encouraging happy living. They provide the highest quality of natural and organic products available, care for their customers, support their team members’ excellence and happiness, commit to positive, long term shareholder value, advance environmental stewardship, create ongoing win-win partnerships with their suppliers and provide a plethora of resources for healthy eating. A new store, crafted with many sustainable, environmentally-friendly features, opened about a year ago in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in Addison.

Before you even walk in, Whole Foods Market shows their eco-conscious business practice through encouraging and supporting green transportation by providing two electric vehicle car charging stations as well as bike racks. Wood construction is also on both the outside and inside of the store.

Karen Lukin, Media and Community Relations Team Leader explained, “It is derived from reclaimed wood in Texas, or from companies who adhere to sustainable forestry standards.”

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They also save money through their practice in electricity. “Twenty-one skylights are placed for maximum lighting, saving power-usage and money,” Karen said. “Refrigerated areas that are traditionally “open air” are now behind doors to keep the cold air in, saving energy consumption with storing milk, dairy and even prepackaged meals and salads. In fact, our Whole Foods here in Addison just received a Gold Level award from the Environmental Protection Agency recognized for their “green” refrigeration technology.”

The “Spirit of ‘76” bar features wine boars and beer growlers, providing to-go beverages on tap which give a fresher product and the opportunity for refilling in glass containers. This eliminates the aluminum and plastic for six-packs of beer.

As in all Whole Foods Market stores, no plastic bags are used at the check stand; its paper and “Better Bags” are for sale that are machine washable and made of post-consumer recycled plastic. “We also give you a five cent refund when you bring your own bag or ten cents if you use your store bag,” Karen said. “Also, fresh food from the salad bar, pizza station or grill are not in Styrofoam, they are in compostable take-home boxes so you can either put them in your recycle bin or your own compost pile.”

Shopping at Whole Foods Market gives you healthy food options, safe cleaning products, organic skin care and makeup as well as food grade vitamins and natural products in the Whole Body department. With their meaningful business philosophy, each time you shop there you are supporting environmental responsibility because they make a significant eco-conscious difference in the way supermarkets are operated, everywhere from their food source to their store packaging. Next time you get your groceries, visit Whole Foods Market. You may feel like you are just checking off that item on your “to do” list, but you are making a positive difference in society through supporting a business who cares about the footprint they make in the world.Whole Foods - Amber Caceres3






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Original article published on Amber’s Examiner.com webpage.