At first glance Pho Noodle & Grill appears to be a run of the mill Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Anchored Chapel Hill mall complex at I-30 and Hulen, Pho Noodle & Grill has a modern and clean ambiance that is light and airy – setting the stage for a comfortable dining experience that is slightly more upscale than traditional Vietnamese restaurants without upscale prices. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by one of the many helpful and friendly employees who make the experience very welcoming and enjoyable.

West Side Vietnamese Cuisine - Joan Monroe5

For appetizers, we tried shrimp spring rolls and edamame. The spring rolls consisted of delicious vermicelli noodles, chilled shrimp, crunchy carrots and romaine lettuce beautifully wrapped in rice-paper and served with a wonderfully creamy peanut sauce garnished with fresh chopped peanuts. The rolls were a refreshing starter on a warm fall day. A staple on Vietnamese menus is edamame, served either traditional or angry style at Pho Noodle & Grill. My dining companion prefers less spice, therefore we ordered the traditional. On prior visits the angry has been a fun way to kick off a meal with just the right amount of heat.

West Side Vietnamese Cuisine - Joan Monroe

For lunch, my companion ordered Chicken and Broccoli (on the menu as Beef and Broccoli) with chicken as a substitute. The dish was a perfect blend of white meat chicken stir-fried in the house special sauce with broccoli, onions, red peppers and carrots. Accompanying the stir-fry was a generous side of sticky steamed white rice. This dish served as a canvas to demonstrate the upscale colorful artistic presentation not typically found in strip-mall restaurants.

West Side Vietnamese Cuisine - Joan Monroe6


The second lunch entrée was the Grilled Pork & Egg Roll Vermicelli. This dish, a favorite of mine, consisted of marinated grilled pork on a bed of thin rice noodles topped with a sliced eggroll. The dish was garnished with roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, pickled carrots, cucumbers and a sweet vinaigrette dressing. The pork was unfortunately slightly overcooked with a subtle smoky flavor. In addition be being slightly overcooked, the pork contained quite a bit of grizzle. On a positive note, the egg roll was crispy, hot and not greasy.

West Side Vietnamese Cuisine - Joan Monroe2Pho Noodle & Grill has an extensive line of traditional beverages including iced teas, boba thai teas, hot teas (green, jasmine, black chai spice, etc.), and iced coffees. For those unfamiliar with boba, imagine a dessert-sweet beverage containing enlarged tapioca pearls. We sampled the Thai Iced coffee with condensed milk. The strong coffee was presented in drip style over the sweetened condensed milk. Once the coffee dripped onto the milk, our server graciously demonstrated the correct way to blend the ingredients before pouring the mixture over ice. This sweet coffee beautifully accompanied the spicy food we enjoyed and was perfect on a warm fall day.

West Side Vietnamese Cuisine - Joan Monroe4

While the DFW Metroplex is blessed with countless Vietnamese restaurants, you will want to add Pho Noodle & Grill to your must-try list. The food is authentic, fresh, artfully plated and served by friendly, helpful servers. Perhaps Pho Noodle & Grill is your next date night adventure or a ladies who lunch destination. Either way, make plans to dine at Pho Noodle & Grill soon!

Pho Noodle & Grill
4601 W. Freeway, Suite 214
Fort Worth, Texas 76107