The focus for Plaid for Women this month is our ‘favorite things’. What I have learned over the years is that most (if not all) of my favorite things cost nothing…in fact they are free. Here are my top 40! Perhaps something to ponder over this holiday season.

  1. Cuddling with Lulu (my precious rescued white schnauzer).
  2. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  3. The sound of birds singing as the sun comes up.
  4. Any moonscape – full moon, crescent moon…..any moon on any night.
  5. Beethoven’s Symphony #9 with full chorus.
  6. Someone intently listening to anything I have to say.
  7. The season’s first snow.
  8. A Texas sunset.
  9. Memories of my momma and daddy.
  10. Hummingbirds.
  11. The Book of Ecclesiastes.
  12. The smell of anything with cinnamon brewing on the stove.
  13. Unconditional love and support from friends.
  14. Sincere, heartfelt hugs.
  15. Flowers in bloom.
  16. Butterflies.
  17. A crackling fire.
  18. Crawling in between fresh, crisp cotton sheets.
  19. Traveling somewhere I have never been.
  20. A cool breeze on a summer night.
  21. A warm bath after a good workout.
  22. Uncontrollable belly laughter.
  23. Peanut butter on a spoon.
  24. Quiet solitude.
  25. Rainy days with nothing to do.
  26. Glass of The Prisoner red wine.
  27. Freshly smoked salmon with capers.
  28. Looking out upon large bodies of water.
  29. Mountain views from a cabin porch.
  30. Giving anything to anyone.
  31. The movies “Out of Africa”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and “Best Years of our Lives”.
  32. Watching individuals exceed their own expectations.
  33. Christmas morning with my momma, daddy, and sister….actually anytime with my momma, daddy, and sister.
  34. Quiet evening with dear friends.
  35. Checking off the last ‘to do’ on the list.
  36. Bluebirds.
  37. Puppy breath.
  38. The way my mouth feels after my teeth have been cleaned.
  39. Getting on the scale and realizing you have lost 40 lbs.
  40. Handel’s Messiah.