It has taken me over 30 years to find my voice and to believe that I truly have one. Why so long, you may ask? For those who know me, it is not because I did not voice my opinions or that I was not passionate about my work during those years.

My voice was weakened because I was not fully aligned, head, heart and soul. There are many reasons why my alignment was out of kilter in those earlier years. I started my career in corporate America more than 30 years ago at the young age of 21. Women in management were not only a minority but a rarity. As I climbed the corporate ladder in sales and marketing, I built my reputation and voiced my thoughts, strategies and tactics. But I always felt I had to “stay in my lane” to be recognized and to be accepted.

It was not until I joined the ranks of true entrepreneurs in smaller, focused venture backed high technology firms where I started to find my voice and it resonated with my peers. Most venture backed firms operate as a meritocracy where intelligence, hard work and passion is rewarded and recognized.

However, my journey took me to a 2nd act where I founded my wealth management firm, The Diamond Group. This is where my voice evolved and I learned to present myself and my work in a way that was both educational, influential and inspirational for my clients and colleagues. In these early years of building my wealth management business, I learned that my best self and my voice were clearest when I was in full alignment: head, heart and soul.

This self-evolution took deeper reflection on who I was at the time and the person I wanted to become as a wealth manager and a person who deeply cared for my clients’ lifestyles and their ultimate goals and intentions. From this experience and self- reflection came my bigger intentions to become an author, a speaker, as well as wealth manager, serving my community of savvy women. My first book, “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women, Taking Control of Your Work, Your Wealth and Your Worth,” is the foundation of my work, my business and my passion today.

Today, I am still working on my voice, however, I am emboldened by my life and my business experiences and the impact we/I have had on the lives of our clients. And that helps me continue to perfect my voice every day!