Within everyone is a desire to flourish and prosper that was placed there intentionally. We each arrived here thoughtfully to make the most of life, breath, and physicality, but forgot that these were always tools and gifts to help us flourish, and in no way indicated we were finished products. We live under the misconception that being finished is ideal and more satisfying when that which is non-physical would tell you in an instant that creating is much more fun and is never actually done.

Here lies the struggle for so many of us; conceding to physical stipulations and deadlines that contradict the fun and intention we specifically came here for. We are not called here to be done with ourselves. On the contrary, we are here to create ourselves, create our environments, and create our adventures. We are here to get better acquainted with ourselves and from that connection we are bonded more genuinely to one another. The gift of life was given to us not to struggle to determine who is worthy of it and who is not, but to share in the experience of co-creating in a time space reality. We are deserving of living because we were chosen to live. It’s as simple as that.

We were given the tool of breath to remind us how to hold on and let go moment by moment. With each breath, a moment passes. Some moments and some breaths are easier to let in than others. Some breaths are deep and some are shallow. Some moments feel like they last forever, while others never could last long enough. Regardless of whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant, that breath, just like that moment, is a bridge to the next and an opportunity to appreciate the life it provided you.

Physicality, also known as our five senses, is both an invaluable gift and a priceless tool. Why were we made physical when nonphysical is where we begin and end? Because change and expansion are the only things constant in this universe and as creators who non-physically embrace that, why wouldn’t we want to translate vibrations physically as well?

We are here for fun and experience and our physical bodies are the vehicles which we travel in. Some of us take better care of our vehicles than others, but no matter, each vehicle and body is valuable and special, even if the individual driving loses sight of that. Existence and energy have nothing to do with our vehicles heartbeats and pulses, as energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When individuals pass away, it is not that what made them themselves is gone, but instead they traded their old model in for one with newer amenities. They are still connected to us, as we are to them.

We are here on this planet, at this very moment, by no accident. We are here with a specific fire in each of us that will light the way for countless others. We were not designed to spend our lives working to be done, and because of this, when life throws obstacles our we must embrace them rather than rebuke them. From any obstacle we encounter, we find our greatest strengths, our deepest loves, and our richest passions.

Sweet, sweet, people, you are free to flourish and prosper. Now take your freedom and thrive.