Accept what is. Let go of what was. Believe in what will be. There’s freedom in letting go.

We go through many phases in our life and collect numerous objects along the way. Think back to your earlier life when you held something in high esteem every day. Perhaps your favorite shirt that came along on all the vacations, first day of school, and social events. Would you wear that shirt now? Probably not, because it might be worn out or too small. You had that shirt, you loved it for what it was, and it served you during your time of need. But when the time was right, you let that go. Letting go does not mean giving up. Letting go is acknowledging that–whatever it may be– it no longer serves you in the right ways and that it may be time to move on. 


By letting go of old emotions, beliefs, or physical belongings, you may feel a sense of liberation. Unhealthy relationships and negative beliefs can drain mental capacity and damage emotional health. Physical possessions may cause mental and physical clutter. Creating space for new opportunities and experiences may allow you to push yourself into the next phase of your life. Just as we move through different weather seasons, we live life in different cycles. The slower transitional phases in life are equally as valuable and pertinent than the oftentimes more busy or exciting blossoming successes. 

However, this is much easier said than done. It is difficult to know when to let go and to actually let go, especially since routine and patterned behaviors are comfortable. If you feel stuck or a sense of plateauing  in life, then it might be time for a change. To tackle this, first, identify what you need to let go of and perhaps why. Second, work on releasing it—if it is cleaning out your closet then grab a donation bag. If it is working through your negative self-beliefs, then journal or talk to a trusted friend. If it is getting out of bad relationships, then fight for yourself to protect your inner peace. Remember to be gentle with yourself because this is your first time at life and letting go takes time. 

Visualize and Move On

One way of letting go of negative thoughts is visualization. If you’re angry, imagine releasing all that anger as steam coming out of your ears. Then replace that emotion with a positive one. Other solutions are journaling, joining support groups, meditation, or professional help—do whatever feels right to you. Realizing you need to let go is already the first step in a productive direction. 

Similarly, sometimes in life we make poor financial decisions. We hold onto too many subscriptions, we spend money on frivolous items, we worry about where we have already spent our money. What do we do now with the regret and anxiety of these decisions? Well, we acknowledge it, we reflect, and we move on. Taking time to reflect on what you have and whether it still serves you now is a great practice in mindfulness and awareness.

We get stuck when we obsess over these transactions and hyperfocus on our past decisions. You preoccupy yourself with how you should have or no have spent your money. But if there’s something to know, it’s that you cannot live your life in the past and you cannot live life worrying about the future. So, what then? You live in the present. Your past actions are done with, and your future self hasn’t been made yet. Do what you can with what you have, where you are now. 

Put In the Work

Letting go is a powerful tool which can bring you feelings of freedom if you put in the work. Try to minimize doing things that don’t serve you. These can be jobs, relationships, material items, or more. This is your only life, and you only get this opportunity now to live it. Release any negative self-beliefs or destructive relationships that keep you stuck and unhappy. If you want to fly in the sky, sometimes you must leave the Earth behind. 

Marilyn Suey


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