Over the past few weeks as many have celebrated Easter, Passover, and other spiritual observances, a common theme is ‘beginning again’. This time of year is indeed one of renewal and ongoing transformation. With this COVID 19 crisis, the season and year has been strange, surreal, and to use an overused word: unprecedented. All of us have experienced hiccups, setbacks, loss, fear, concern, and many unforeseen and unexpected challenges. So, for me, I’m looking eagerly forward to a ‘resurrection’ of sorts from this horrific experience.

There are no magic answers to being resilient through this crisis. Yet, there are a few thoughts which I am hanging onto like the spiritual lifeline they are. And, I do believe our thoughts become ‘things’.

However we fill our minds directly translates into how we feel and ultimately how we behave.

I know this and believe this – and yet, it can become difficult to change the radio channel or the TV station we have playing over and over in our minds. The challenge for each of us is to observe when this is happening and to stop it. Whew – not an easy task – especially when we feel the tides of reality continuing to bring wave after wave of challenge to us. Yet, how else are we going to become strong swimmers? So, the charge for each of us, starting today, is to consciously REPLACE the doomsday thoughts with the ‘new day’ thoughts.

A few truisms, all of which originate from my parents, may provide a few guardrails. They taught and lived each one.

  1. We only control our response to things. We did not choose this. We did not create this. We do not control this. Yet – we can control our response to it.
  2. In times of strife – leaders emerge. What will we choose? Victim or leader?
  3. Our FAITH – however you define this – is vital. Praying, meditating, and just being quiet each day will change our mindsets, lift our consciousness, and steady our perspectives. As my parents and grandparents taught us: this, too shall pass.
  4. Community is everything.  My momma always taught us when we are worried about ourselves, the best way to funnel that energy is to SERVE others. That is where we will find joy and purpose – and it takes our myopic view off ourselves and places it onto greater humanity.
  5. Be KIND. There is not a single person who does not need a reassuring word, a you got this look, or an unexpected call or note. It is our sacred responsibility to support each other…in thought, word, and deed.

So, as we welcome spring and all the beauty of new growth and nature, let’s also welcome ourselves to a new beginning. A fresh start. Let’s grab the trapeze with both hands and swing forward!!! It is a time for us to renew, replace, revive, and experience rebirth. I truly believe, with a shift in our mindset, the results will be much more positive and will empower us to meet the challenges head on.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash