You are cut off in traffic by what you swear is a bullet but is just a car.  While waiting for a parking spot with your blinker on, an oblivious driver takes the spot.  You exit an establishment, hold the door for a person, and they don’t give you thanks for your consideration.  These scenarios are all too familiar yet can go on forever and they happen to all of us at one time or another.

The average person’s reaction is generally of anger, disbelief, astonishment, puzzlement or all the above.  To validate these feelings, we tell anyone and everyone of our strife while perpetuating these emotions to the point of ruining a day.  Is it worth it?

Instead of giving into the negative emotions these scenarios lend to or negative feelings in general, how about taking a deep breath and give grace.  Think of how many times YOU may have been the lead actor in one of these roles and remember how you felt when you realized what you did.  Think of how you would have felt if someone gave you grace versus a middle finger gesture or a verbal tongue lashing whether audibly or via lip sync.

There is so much anger and hostility in today’s world.  Do you recall how America stood together in the days after 9/11?  When someone was cut off in traffic, the offended just raised a small wave as if to say, “that’s ok buddy!”  We held doors for people without a second thought because WE as a nation were hurting and we didn’t want anyone to hurt.

By giving grace when we are wronged, we get peace.  The negative emotions no longer exist to breed anger, hate, and hostility, but make us aware that we may have just helped someone who needed grace at that moment when they starred in a negative scenario.  Remember the last time you did something good for someone and how it made you feel?  You can have this feeling all day everyday just by giving grace.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.