The act of giving gratitude can change your life. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times. Taking a minute at the end of the day to recognize and acknowledge what you are grateful for changes your mindset. Think about that smile, the nice waiter or waitress, the fun experience you had celebrating your birthday with colleagues, friends and family, or maybe you had a conversation with a loved one that cheered you up in times of grief. Developing this habit becomes an important part of who you are and may even help you discover new things about yourself. Now consider approaching this in a specific way. Each time you sit down to think about the things you are grateful for include Mother Nature. Were you grateful simply for the sunshine today, the birds’ music, or your pet greeting you when you came home? What about the sound of the ocean waves on the beach or the recycle bin near your home or office so it makes it easier for you to take action and be environmentally conscious? Did you get a much needed laugh from one of those mass forwarded emails with the cute animal pictures? If you want to make a difference in your perspective and work on developing a more positive attitude, consider starting a gratitude journal. Whether you write every day, or once or twice a week, make sure to focus on people, situations or things that really mean something to you and remember to include how you are grateful for Mother Nature.

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Eco-friendly Gratitude Journals on



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