Have you ever thought about the different ways that unwanted glass can be reused? Glass Recycled Services provides products that aren’t only recycled, but they are upcycled which means they are using glass that was headed to the landfill for a purpose. With discarded glass bottles and porcelain, they use the postconsumer products to create beautiful countertops, flooring and landscape materials. Customers who are transforming their home or office to be LEED certified can also use their products.

Each glass piece is specially crafted and more than four-hundred gorgeous designs have been created. To make their products, Glass Recycled Services uses a unique epoxy resin instead of cement, enabling the material to be stronger, lighter in weight and gives them the opportunity to create a limitless number of colors. They are the only recycled glass and porcelain upcycling manufacturer that can customize the color of resin.

They have a variety of products in four categories, all made with glass and porcelain. Beautifully showcase your eco-consciousness inside and outside your home as well as at your business. Click on the links to see some gorgeous pieces.

Interior surfaces at home: GlassSLAB

Interior surfaces at business: GlassDECOR

Flooring: GlassPLANK

Landscaping: GlassSCAPE

Glass Recycled Services also offers guidance to people who are not sure about what to do with their glass waste so before you put it in your recycle bin contact them to see if they have any tips on how you could upcycle your own.

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