Gratitude goes beyond a simple thank you.

Gratitude can become a way of life when you choose to be mindfully present in each moment.

Every time we take a breath is a reason for gratitude.

Each time we eat, sleep, hear, walk, or talk is a reason for gratitude.

These are things we often taken for granted and as humans we tend to feel a sense of gratitude when things are only going our way.

Instead of just being thankful when good things happen, learn to say thank you for the storms and the seemingly bad breaks.

It’s often when we overcome difficulties and hardships that we then grow stronger.

These challenges when viewed from the right perspective can yield unexpected insights and inspiration into our lives as well as potentially help others.

I’d like for you to consider for a moment an analogy…

It’s been proven that a tree that is unmovable during the storm is the one that has its roots planted deeply in the soil.

Consider being like a tree with roots planted deep in the soil.

When we learn to stay grounded and connect with our roots, we can become a wonderful resource to others, like when the tree bears fruit and provides the essentials of life. It can be a source of protection, like when the shade of a tree, shields the UV rays of the sun. The tree can become a source refuge, just think of the birds that build their nest for their little ones, it evolves to a shelter that helps others. Many times, it’s a source of calmness, like when we need a place to relax and enjoy a quiet moment, the tree can be considered a sanctuary.

That one tree can provide so many things to so many others, but it can only do that, if it weathers the storms and remains intact at the roots.

I believe if a tree could speak it would never say, “Why do the storms beat upon my branches or the winds blow away my leaves?”

Instead I believe it would say, “Come on storm take me on, come on wind blow harder, or come on sun, beam brighter, because that’s what makes me plant my roots deeper and deeper into the soil to stand strong and mighty!”

Those roots are the lifeline of the tree and the stronger they become the more powerful and mighty is the tree.

So, the next time you are tempted to get a little discouraged or you feel it may be hard to show gratitude, just think about the analogy of the tree and know that a tree with strong roots laughs at the storms!

Then remember to be grateful and show gratitude during the storms, because gratitude goes beyond a simple thank you.