My mother always told me that if you have your HEALTH, than you have everything.  When you are a kid, it is like “whatever.” In my 40’s, I truly understand.  Having your health impacts everything in your life.  Since we are entering the month of “LOVE”, I want to write about how health and love go together.   Love yourself so you can love others. If you are unhealthy, that can be hard to do. Science has proven that if you love, it can give health benefits. There have been case studies showing it can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, if you are not in a bad relationship.

Showing love to someone can boost levels of Oxytocin, which is soothing. There have been studies showing that love can decrease your chances of depression. I went to a concert a few years ago where Michael Buble sang “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!” I remember seeing young women get up from her chair and start crying when the confetti started coming down. When I went up to her to make sure she was ok, she expressed to me that she had just lost the love of her life. She said that when the confetti came down, she felt the presence of her beloved. That shows that love knows no boundaries.

Health and Love

I want to put a challenge out there. It is simple:

Love one another.

It is free, and you can make a difference in someone’s life, as well as your own.  Remember is can also improve your health.