Stupid is a word that I do not like to use very often. In this case, a true love story provides the platform to experience with perfect timing, what was meant to be.

Two people were battered by experiences that left them adrift, unsure, and alone. The hurt caused them to run, to hide but at the same time, long to feel safe in loving arms.

The experiences we have in life lead us to who and what we areFrom one perspective, the relationship she ran from left a hole, or more accurately, a deep crevice in her soul that nothing or no one was capable of filling. Doubt enters, taking hold, allowing doors to shut.

His mistake was the lies and deceit that turned him away from the sound of another woman’s voice. He needed space, time to recover; to find a place to land and to feel again.

And so, with each day they withdrew more and more into their daily routine of work and more work, and side trips with friends and family. Their experiences, while fulfilling, were also void of true intimacy.

Both are stalwarts of respect and success. They admire in others what they did not have, not angry but more settled in a pattern that worked for them.

They experienced the joy of becoming grandparents, the ups and downs of owning a business, and the support of other loved ones who in their own way instilled many funny and rewarding memories as they went on with life.

For over a year, plans were hit and miss to meet one another. Friends were on the fringe coercing and making plans to get them together. Fear showed up before every chance to meet but at the same time curiosity was building as excuses were made. Never once did friends give up hope.

Sometimes, in the midst of the daily grind of meeting your daily needs, you cannot see the whole picture. It is my belief that timing is everything as you build to that point where, with perfect harmony, you are ready for that one moment where God steps in.

In a very crowded room, a friend whispered… “The tall man by the bar is Christopher.” Not shy, she strolled across the room excited to meet a man she could look up to. She tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned, she put out her hand and graciously said – “Hi, I am Kim.”  As he took her hand, she will never forget what he said, “Hi! I am Stupid.”

The experiences we have in life lead us to who and what we are and, in many cases, can be life changing. For Kim and Christopher, they found one another in a time and place where love was able to blossom. Together they let go of the pain and hurt, finding that perfect balance for holding on to one another for the rest of their lives.