I have a plaque in my office that my sister-in-law gave me that says “Live, Laugh, Love.” Every day that I breathe air, I am amongst the living, but I don’t think that was the intent of the saying. Maybe the words should be reversed on the plaque. If you start by focusing on laughing, I wonder if loving and living would simply fall into place.

Have you ever had “the church giggles?” That is when you can’t stop laughing even at the most inappropriate times, such as in the middle of church or during a board meeting. My sister and I can give each other a look and immediately the laughter starts. It is infectious. I have a hard time being around people that don’t enjoy laughter as much as I do. Even my dog laughs. Ok, well, she pants, but I like to think she is laughing. Don’t we all enjoy being around people that laugh? The first thing we all do when we interact with a baby is try to make them smile or giggle. It is a universal language that we all understand.

There is some research that suggests that laughter can boost immune response, stabilize blood sugar and even help one relax. Aside from the potential health benefits of laughter, perhaps its biggest contributor is that it helps us create and foster relationships. Most of us laugh with other people. It is a way of connecting and socializing. I believe laughter is important to a society. We have to connect in order to create a culture, develop common sense practices and maintain social order. What better way for us to connect with one another than through humor and laughter?

So, back to my earlier comment, I am convinced that the words on my plaque are in the wrong order. Perhaps laughter truly is the best medicine. There is enough to be serious about in this world. Don’t deprive yourself of the gift of laughter. Laugh, Love, Live.