My husband and I welcomed our second child into the world in July, and over the past eight weeks I’ve unapologetically given myself the gift of a pause. I’ve been spending many of my days blissfully unproductive by social and societal standards, but in that lack of stereotypical productivity I’ve been more present with getting to know the new addition to our family and I’ve been more engaged with watching our family transition to a new level of development, and it’s been both priceless and timeless.


In a world that so often demands full speed ahead. Pause.

In a world that pushes for more when you are running on empty. Pause.

In a world that claims only burning the candle at both ends deserves success. Pause.

In a world that claims “no pain no gain.” Pause.

In a world that glorifies the hustle. Pause.

In a world that celebrates accomplishments over connections. Pause.

In a world that counts possessions over memories. Pause.

Learning when to pause is an art and a skill, but it’s simple and needs nothing added.

If you spend all your days searching for something, you’ll miss out on what’s already right in front of you. If you spend your days rushing from one thing to the next, you risk becoming blind to the smallest details of your day, the little miracles.

These little miracles happen every day, but so often we don’t notice them because we think a miracle must be monumental or because we’re distracted by other things. Miracles can be as simple as a subtle shift in the energy around us, a small change in circumstances, or even the ordinary everyday details.

Sometimes it’s the flowers blooming against a blue sky, sometimes it’s the joyous laughter of a child, sometimes it’s the freedom in an unscheduled day, sometimes the miracles are found in the smallest details.

Despite how busy you are, how chaotic the day, or how turbulent the tide, there is always a place where we can pause and find joy. We can stop for just a moment to see the sun. We can stop for just a moment to listen for the breeze. Simple joys and rest are never as far fetched as we think.


Find clarification, rest, and joy in the pause.