Dearest Reader,

This month marks twenty years since I graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and began my business-building journey. It’s hard to write about this without using all sorts of clichéd phrases like, “And oh what a journey it’s been!” or “And look how far I’ve come!” or something of that ilk.

Fact is, it’s hard to write about it at all, if I’m being totally transparent (as I do strive to be).

It feels like I should have more to say. 

Or that I should be throwing a big party (as I did for my 10th anniversary).

Or that there should be some great, profound, accumulated wisdom seeping out of my fingertips, making its way onto the page to share with you.

But when I tune in to deepest sense of Self to determine just what DO I do to mark this occasion, what do I say or share or put forth on this page to capture what It IS to be twenty years in to my rather winding road of being in business for myself, all I “get” is This:



Followed by a rush of emotion so fast and furious that it leaves me breathless and makes it difficult to type for all the tears seeping from my eyes.

My God, I am grateful.

I screwed up so many times…said things I should never have said…made so many mistakes I lost count…lost sleep…wept a lot…was so deeply afraid in so many moments…I have no idea how I made it twenty years except, to quote dear Dory, I just kept swimming.

I just kept swimming…and doing my best to heal and to learn and to grow…I just kept showing up and showing up and showing up and so, too, did you (and that, Dear Reader, has meant more than words could ever express).

You know, it’s not lost on me that I recall every detail of my very first homeopathic patient all those twenty year ago, and that the most recent client to join my coaching roster is, herself, a homeopath. It feels to me like a full-circle moment, the significance of which is, to me, quite profound. I truly have completed another Cycle and the Universe does so love to wink and acknowledge such Turnings.

My God, I am grateful.

Grateful for that very first patient. Grateful to the hundreds that followed. Grateful to my first business coach who prompted me to follow my heart into the coaching arena. Grateful for all those who placed their trust in me along the way. Grateful for twenty years of weird and wonderful, scary and delightful. Grateful for the richness of sharing the lives and stories and journeys of so many. Grateful to have been a part of All This. (Sometimes it feels so rich and so full and so glorious that I wonder if I am dreaming…)

My God, I am grateful.

And it turns out that this – this great, huge, fantastical journey that I’ve been on truly does boil down to just THIS: I am humbled and awed to the point that I have no words save my expression of gratitude. A gratitude so mahoosive it seeps from my pores (and my eyes!).

Thank you. For twenty incredible, mind-blowing years. Thank you for sharing the Journey with me.

Big love,