Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is so important to not just jump into getting healthy with both feet. It has been shown that if you start slowly and gradually work at it you will be more successful making a lifestyle change.

Let’s discuss a few tips:


  • Make sure you drink 16-32 ounces daily.
  • Try not to use polyethylene bottles. So many water bottles out that are reusable and can keep your water cold at all times.
    • Check out Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross if you want to find a great water bottle that you can carry with you anywhere.

girl laying on hood of classic car enjoying the sunSUN-

  • Wear a sunscreen when you are outside. If you have fair skin…it is a must!
  • Use a sunscreen that is not loaded with several chemicals.
  • If you do get burned, use an after sun treatment with aloe vera. If you have a pot with aloe vera, break of a piece – the plant is better than store-bought gel!


  • Walking is a nice start.
  • A physical activity is wonderful like:
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Dancing

woman holdng a chia seed and fruit dish in a clear gobletNUTRITION-

  • Eating right is so important!!
  • Who likes fruits and vegetables?? I hope you raised your hand.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are best to eat. However, if you prefer to drink your fruits and vegetables freshly juiced or blended in a smoothie, there is nothing wrong with that. You can always find juices that contain the nutrients you need. If fruits and vegetables are not at the top of your list and you feel like you are not getting enough nutrition, check with your doctor. They can always suggest supplements to use to assist your transition to a healthy lifestyle.


  • People like to connect spiritually for brain health. Relax and breathe… soak it in!
  • If you choose to go outside to connect make sure you protect yourself. Nature can get you! Use bug spray to prevent bug bites. Have a little first aid kit with you for minor injuries.

JUMP into health the right way!