I wanted to put a curse word in the title of this piece but I doubt it would make it past the censors, so I held off. But wow, folks, we are seeing what I think is a bit of a phenomenon out there right now and it’s all about decision making.

Or lack thereof.

I admit there’s something kinda off-putting about someone shouting at you, “Make a freakin’ decision, would ya?!?” while you’re clearly struggling to do just that.

It’s also kinda off-putting when I say it to my own self in the quiet of my Mind.

It sounds… harsh.



It sounds like someone is trying to force me into something I just might not wanna do, exactly… at least not yet… or not today… but maybe I would… perhaps… someday… how about tomorrow???

So somewhere along the way, I think we swapped the energy of that out a bit, and as a Collective we started to dialogue about Choice.


It’s a “rounder,” softer word. It denotes Freedom. And breezes flowing through meadows of tall grasses.

Choice feels delightful. Sumptuous. Delicious.

Ah…but herein lay the rub:

Sometimes that energy of soft gentle breezes is not at all what is called for.

Sometimes we need a stronger stance.

A harder word.

A word like DECIDE.

Because sometimes? Sometimes we really do have to make a freakin’ Decision.

Choice is a glorious thing. We are blessed with Choices. Truly, Choices are as lovely as a box of chocolates on Christmas morn.

But they are worthless unless we actually bloody DECIDE on one!

I am seeing this everywhere recently, in my personal and professional lives.

And in case you, too, are noticing it: Take solace! The tides are shifting.

(In fact, by the time you read this, the shift will have already begun…thank the sweet baby cheeses).

As the Equinox approaches, we will feel ourselves moving closer and closer to a tipping point that asks of us this: “What will you Decide today?”

Who will you Decide to support in the upcoming election?

Who will you Decide to hire to help you grow your company?

Who will you Decide to work with on your own healing journey?

What will you Decide to eat today?

What will you Decide to do about “x” crisis that is present in your life at this moment?

The Universe is telling us something, friends. Things are speeding up and spinning fast and ChangeS are happening with a rapidness I’ve not witnessed before (and I thought 2012-2013 was wild!)

We’ve Decisions to make.

About our Selves.

About Our Work in the World.

About our Politics.

Our Environment.

Our Health.

The way we treat Others.

The way we treat our World.

The way we treat Ourselves.

And these Decisions MATTER, perhaps now more than they ever have before.

So I ask of you: Please do not wander in the Field of Choices, enjoying the gentle breezes for much longer. We cannot afford to lose you there amidst the flowers and the grasses!

We need you.

We NEED you.

We need YOU.





Like never before.

Indeed, the Way Forward from Here in all things – ALL things — is but a Decision away, dear reader.


And I’ll meet you on the other side.