“Set your mind right” and “put your hope into action” are two entrepreneurial mantras that I left you with in my prior blog. Today, I’d like to check in with you as a reminder that no matter what occurs with your business endeavor you’ve got to get back in the swing of things because you are the decision maker.

You decide what you want from your business. There are plentiful opportunities to succeed but it doesn’t come without effort. Put your original, revised, updated or new plan into action and extend yourself into a new arena.

The sharing of my recent ongoing with my start up is an example of extending yourself into areas not originally intended by a business plan or by your personality. I’ve recently launched an automotive website – a safe haven to buy cars fast, easy and hassle free; and in discussion with a mentor and my business partner, we’ve created a recruitment site. Obviously, the new site was not the original or even revised business plan nor was blogging about my ups and downs of starting my business on a shoe string budget with a ton of hope and most especially, a resilient personality that truly desires to achieve success.

The reality of life is that opportunities show up at your door, present themselves through mingling and even volunteering.  Take those opportunities to showcase your reality which at one time was your dream.  Don’t be timid, afraid or hesitant to decide that you want more; or even something different than what society, your family, your spouse or your friends has deemed for you. It’s your journey not theirs.

Respectfully, here’s what I’ve done to keep me motivated: write down your dream and your nightmare in a journal or online. Please date this entry.  The next step is to go back weekly or monthly to this dream and nightmare to add or eliminate portions. With this exercise, you will visibly see what is moving you forward or keeping you chained. What you do next is only up to you…It’s your story – you decide the outcome.


May your path be illuminated.

– Dolores