It is February, that time of year when we focus on love, or what we think love is. Many of us either love or hate this day because of our own concepts around it or experience of it. The history of Valentine’s day dates back to the 14th Century and was thought to be named after a Christian martyr named Valentine (which was a common name for that time).

Valentine was said to have spoken the good news to people of the Roman empire, healed people, including his own jailer’s daughter, out of a feeling of love. Over the centuries, this morphed into a cultural and commercial celebration of many traditions around the world. Today, we have put our own spin on the holiday. We go out to eat, send flowers, go on special dates and buy gifts for those we say we love.

But is that really love??

It has come to my awareness that I had no idea what love really was at all. I grew up saying I love you and hearing it from people around me, watching movies and yes, even commercials that made me cry (yes, I am that one). But it is not actually a feeling at all. It is who we ARE, an energy that we already have within us that motivates us to action, to give, serve or help in some way. It is not something that we get, seek or look for.

This seems super countercultural because it really IS. It is not the idea that we are lacking in some way and therefore have to seek love from some outside entity like our parents, partners or children that keeps us in a crazy loop. It is the overwhelming internal energy that you innately have as a created being with the capacity to share it with whomever you choose.

You are already whole and complete. When you can tap into this energy, then and only then can you experience the truth of love and pour into others what you have tapped into. This is what gets us off the crazy loop of seeking, taking or even earning. No matter who you are or what your relationship status or gender, I hope you can tap into the truth of the love that you ARE this Valentine’s Day and share it with everyone that you meet!

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