Ah, it’s February. The month to celebrate the love you have in your life – not just for your spouse or partner, but your friends, family and activities.

But what if you’ve lost the passion for your job? If you are counting down the hours until it’s 5:00, then it’s time to ask yourself: “How can I love the job I have?” Just like romantic relationships, you need to work to rekindle the “spark.”

Following are practical steps towards coming to terms with why you do what you’re doing. Take some time to think about it, and you might be surprised by what you find.

Take a look at yourself. A huge part of happiness is mental, and if you stay positive, your attitude towards work might improve as well. Your attitude at work and the way you treat people — even your mood — does not go unnoticed. They have a profound influence on the people you work with. There are times when you can’t control your situation, but you can always choose how you live in it.

Meet passionate people in your industry. Networking events are a great way to rekindle the fire in your belly. Enthusiasm and passion are contagious – so surround yourself with people who truly love what they do every day! You may also learn some new best practices that could inspire you to think outside the box and provide you with the opportunity to feel challenged again.

Realize that you are significant! For a company to be successful, every person in the company or organization have to do their part. From the receptionist to the executive team, everyone has his or her role. What is yours? Spend some time thinking about how others depend on you, and the vital role that you play. Keep a file where you print out emails applauding your work or nice messages from your coworkers. Those messages are great to pull out when you need a reminder that you play an important role.

Find a mentor. Sometimes finding a mentor who will invest in your success can help you branch out. It’s also inspiring to learn from someone who has been in your shoes, can provide you with some perspective and cheer you on.

Build a healthy work-life balance. It’s not uncommon to start to lose your passion for your job when you are burned out. Take a vacation, unwind with friends or try to reduce the amount of work you take home.

Plan your career goals. Do you have a five year plan? A 10 year plan? If not, start working on one! By putting your goals in writing, you can see whether your job is helping you get to your chosen path. Start identifying the ways in which your duties are helping to prepare you for what’s ahead. Knowing that your current position is an important part of your future will help improve your attitude towards your work.

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